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Debian 4.19 Kernel Enables z3fold for ZSWAP

Just a heads up for #Debian users on older/restricted hardware that the 4.19 backports kernel enables z3fold for zswap. This increases the pool compression, improves the speed even though for now i'm using lzo compression.

Thinkpad X1 Yoga CES News 2019

Building on the changes seen with the 2019 X1 Carbon - sound system, PU upgrade, screens, The 2019 goes from Mg to Al with a machined Aluminium body dubbed "Iron Grey" being the biggest change from the 2018 machines, of course it's lighter and thinner but it's selling point is still the screen rotation and laptop/tablet convertibility.

#Thinkpad #Yoga #CES2019 #Lenovo

Thinkpad X1 Carbon CES News 2019

The latest incarnation of the X1 carbon Macbook competitor get lighter, a new frame, new screens and diverges from the T/P series wrt manufacturing technology. Am waiting for the first proper reviews to see if this gen of intel chippery has the same throttling/performance issues as the last 2.

#Thinkpad #Lenovo

Thinkpads with Whiskey-Lake CPUs

A bit of a surprise, pre CES release of new 9th gen CPU models #thinkpad #CES2019
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seems the rich are embarrassed by the homeless in KC

To ensure homeless people get decent food, Kansas City drowses it with ... bleach. Directly in front of them. How … despicable.
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Contaminated Vaccines - The other Side

I love it when an antivax “study” meant to show how “dirty” vaccines are backfires so spectacularly

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