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The big deception of #Ubuntu against #Debian

I have been using #GNU and #Linux since at least tenyears, my very first distro was Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon,
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my very first distro was Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon
Damn whippersnappers, get off my lawn!

My first distro was Slackware 2. None of these fancy graphical installers, and back then I needed trial and error and multiple attempts to even get the damn thing to install!

Debian runs on all my servers, and has done for a long long time. On desktops I dabbled with Red Hat Linux (not RHEL), and then Fedora, for many years before switching to Ubuntu as it was just more polished and reliable. Then I dabbled with Arch for a while, but while it was mainly fine, I'd occasionally need to fix things. So I tried Fedora again a while back, I forget which version but it wasn't too stable... Now, I'm back on Ubuntu (well Kubuntu as I'm a long term KDE user).

While they may make some good points, it still reads like yet another anti-Ubuntu article. Not saying Ubuntu is perfect, but it seems that just because another distro that isn't Debian is doing well enough to be able to compete in the same space that it's automatically evil and undeserving because no other team can be in the space besides Debian regardless of who/what it is.

@Don McCollough

I don't see any competition between Debian and Ubuntu, I mean Debian is not challenging for anything, it is just a distro supported by volunteers for the good of all, even Canonical.

While a corporation does something good for you it is just because this is strategic for its goals not because it is just good.

For that reason: support only true community distributions of volunteers!

@Daniel Don't get me wrong, I do agree with many of the points you made, I just get tired of seeing the "let's crap on distro x because it's popular" trend. This is also why I tend not to support anything further out and prefer to stick as close to the base distro as possible, hence Ubuntu merely because it's easier for me to set up in a few minutes than needing half an hour (I'm rusty at it now) in Debian (much like setting up Debian is easier than Arch for the non-experienced compile everything yourself type).

At the end of the day I do agree with supporting only true community distributions of volunteers, as Debian has done a lot of good and continues to.

FWIW, I am not aware of it being trendy to attack Ubuntu because it's popular.

I'm a long time Ubuntu critic; I've been upset at Ubuntu from the start. I'm not upset enough at Ubuntu to avoid using it in some places, but I'll never forgive Ubuntu for foisting its sudo abuse upon the world.

Before Ubuntu's sudo abuse, sudo was a useful utility for providing limited elevated access to specific users allowed to run specific programs.

After Ubuntu's sudo abuse, half of the world's *nix documentation is invalid, and newbies are confused as to how to get basic stuff done. It's enough to turn off newbies from linux/BSD/etc altogether.


You need root access? Login is root via "su -". Use root password. Simple, clean, easy, STANDARD.


You need root access? Use sudo maybe. Maybe log in as root. Maybe use root password. Maybe use the "admin" user's password. Wait what? What's an "admin" user? Is that the same as "root"? What the heck is all this? Okay, okay, okay...I eventually figured it out...

Now use sudo in front of every... show more

+15 amen to your explanation of *buntu's sudo abuse!

Debians installer: boot, brainlessly hit enter like, 12 times, go get coffee.

SUDO abuse! Exactly how I felt about it. I tried it out early on and was impressed, up until I tried to do ANYTHING "under the hood." I quickly gave up on it.

For years I used Mepis as my main OS. My downfall there was that it was both way too easy to install and too stable. It installed on anything effortlessly, just worked and used Debian's repos. Lazy me wasn't forced to keep up with the evolving internals.

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