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My opinion on the proposed feature "Likes on comments", similar to the one of Facebook®:

This feature will worsen the quality of Diaspora discussions. The likes will become the new measure of the popularity of the comments and we will create ranks of sockpuppet to get more likes.
Is it also possible that it favors psychological dependence as stated by science?
Is it correct to turn Diaspora into a Facebook clone with users who just want to have more likes at the expense of sincerity?
Tags: #diaspora #social #networks #addiction #comments #facebook #github #opinion #coding #discussion #antifeature

I'd say the likes on a topic will transform the network into clickbait-areas and the likes on comments are a convenience feature. This is why: When ten people have a discussion and I like your comment, I could simply type "Lorenzo, that was a great comment." underneath the discussion. And maybe five other people are doing that as well. But they would jam the discussion. After six comments as "I liked your comment" hardly anyone would know what you actually wrote. Also this would make six notifications. So a simple like-button on a comment can fasten the discussion up and keep it at the topic.

But for the main thread I see no need for a like-button.

I'm not against it being added but personally think it's unnecessary. Even Facebook/Twitter etc. are moving to downplay likes etc.

IMO it is of no use to post this on diaspora. The place tyo discuss this is diaspora forums. Back in 2012 (!!!!) there was a poll and a WHOPPING 15 people were arsed to cast their votes of wich 12 votes were in favor of the +1/like button on comments.
I think a poll with 15 persons that cast their votes should NOT count as a valid consultation of the diaspora community.

Ahh yeah, the good old times.

People may call it "progressive insight"
Don't you love cherry picking quotes?

Oh yes, I love cherry-picking quotes, especially when they are from a person who once repeatably complained why liking on comments is still not implemented because they've seen lots of users asking for it, and suddenly changed their opinion just because it's trendy right now. 😀

I asked ONCE in the discussion on diaspora discourse what the status was (what you quoted)
Where do I complain that it still is not implemented?
As I explained in discourse, I do think that in some cases the feature can be useful. But I do see the point of @Lorenzo Ancora

Dear @Dennis Schubert, I want to be sure that you have understood (regardless of autism, if present, take your time). I don't want you to trade mine for an act of malice, I want you to realize that it's a simple reaction: I generally help whoever I can, I am always excellent to my neighbor.
Unfortunately, after reading the note you left on that Discourse account, I am forced to confirm that one (or more) critical articles about Diaspora will be produced jointly with my collaborators. I believe that these behaviors to the detriment of users (and at this juncture proven, even if at first I was incredulous) cannot lead to good things.
The choice to treat users badly (abusing administrative powers - directly or indirectly - on GitHub and Discourse) was yours and you must take full responsibility, even if the subject is not directly you. You did it and remade it right before my eyes and you seemed pleased.
In the world of free software, end users must not be censored, and it is a sh... show more

PS: I would like to address the users who have followed and supported me in other threads to invite them to close the discussion here. I've already had to temporarily put a couple of people on the block list (don't worry, you'll be unlocked tomorrow, it's to prevent the discussion from igniting and you are always welcome here). My gripe must not lead to insults or threats towards the developers of Diaspora, because I always maintain a calm and favorable tone for discussion, even when I am forced to witness injustices. A bad apple must not be a pretext. Despite the - ugly - mystifications and lies that occurred within a few hours, the serene and intellectual discussion is always a priority on this profile, without exception.

Never forget what is written on the menu bar to your right: be excellent to each other.

You know, it's kinda rude of you to block me without asking first, effectively automatically censoring away my comments, forcing me to use another account to provide you with valuable material for your articles. Imagine what you'd think if I had done that! Oh well. Anyway, let me try again: Please do write an article about "your experiences" in the project, and please do explain in the post what a horrible person I am.

Please make sure to full quote your GitHub comment, as well as your response on Discourse, and the private message thread on Discourse. To make it easier for you, here is the message on Discourse for which you received an off-topic/unproductive warning from another team member, and here is the full conversation you started after receiving a warning. Please note that I removed the identity of the team member who initially deleted t... show more

Could you all please stop using sarcasm here. Never in the history of the internet did sarcasm any good to a discussion.

No sarcasm involved, I really hope Lorenzo is going to write that article. ~ds

You know, it’s kinda rude of you to block me without asking first, effectively automatically censoring away my comments, forcing me to use another account [...]
Dear Dennis, since you blocked me on Discourse and you clearly specified that you were not interested in answering my questions, I've decided to block you on Diaspora, like other users did. Users don't have to accept your behaviors passively. It is legitimate to expect it: do not do to others what you do not want to be done to you. In addition, this morning a user after reading this discussion pointed out to me - on his own initiative - that he was forced to leave your German pod due to censorship and I really cannot believe that these complaints are totally unfounded. Anyone who has been talking to me for a long time knows that when I can I always try to help those around me, but those who voluntarily and repeatedly lose the opportunity to apologize are in bad faith and I choose to send them away.
Now you are trying... show more

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