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How a pro-vaccine Doctor reopened Debate about Link to Autism


A world-renowned #pro-vaccine medical #expert is the newest #voice adding to the body of #evidence suggesting that #vaccines can cause #autism in certain #... show more

Scientists say it’s entirely possible to identify conditions most likely to make children susceptible to vaccine injury and to devise a safer vaccination policy to protect them, while continuing a robust vaccine program for the rest.
but they won't. will they?

I know one way they identify the conditions- some kids have a genetic mutation known as COMT-66, while others have one known as MTHFR, and some have both. the mutation makes it harder for the body to eliminate toxins - such as heavy metals and formaldehyde from vaccines. It's known to affect the methylation cycle.

but, go ahead, progressives- push your "one size fits all" schedule on everybody, while those of us who know are screaming "why should I set my kid on fire, just so your kid can feel safe?"