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#BernieSanders: "Millionaires should pay 50% tax!"

#TaxReturns: "Bernie Sanders is a millionaire, pays 13.5% tax."


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He's not the only one who says his tax should be higher. Warren Buffet said the same thing a couole of years ago. When the millionaires themselves are saying their taxes are too low, maybe it's time to listen.

Then why doesn't he pay more taxes?

They don't have to take any deductions or use all those loopholes... but they both do. Buffet even gas a foundation to help him avoid taxes. I don't listen to hypocrites.

@Theaitetos (テアイテトス) Because this is what the tax rates are? Tax isn't just about choosing what you want to pay, there are actual rules for that. And if you think those rules are unfair, then join him in trying to change them so he has to pay more taxes.

The tax rules are just a minimum. You are free to pay more tax if you want to.

So I ask again: Why doesn't he pay more tax?

Tax free foundations are the big tax dodge now. HRC, McCain, Gates, etc... Buffet used Corporations for his shelters. The rest of us can't afford the lawyer fees to setup and maintain a foundation. (thinking about it though). Money in - Tax deductible. Money out - Tax free.

Trump's tax returns are probably too complicated for as Sarah Sanders says, but I bet it shows more charity than all of the Dem's put together. KHarris' return something like less then 1% to charity.

Her family is the one that owned slaves, how much has she paid to Black charities (or anything) for reparations? (nothing) Instead of setting the example, like the rest, it's do as they say because they're in charge.

Trump's foundation considers comissioning a larhe painting of Trump to hang in a Trump building to he "charity". These rich people foundations are clearly tax loopholes and should be closed or at least be held far more accountable for what counts as charity.

I wonder where this image gets the figure that Trump pays 25% tax by the way. He still hasn't released his tax returns despite his campaign promise to do so, but according to some reports, he barely pays any tax. (That's certainly the most charitable explanation for why he refuses to release his tax returns.)

someone is well versed in the Cohen testimony...

Trump directed the Trump foundation. That's some crazy shit.

did you know the Clinton's direct the Clinton Foundation? Weird? right?

I wonder where this image gets the figure that Trump pays 25% tax by the way.
From his 2005 tax returns, which were leaked to NBC two years ago. Kinda telling that you haven't heard about that in more than 2 years. #FilterBubble

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