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!Friendica Admins

Does anyone plan to join the #Wikipedia blackout with their #Friendica node on 21.03.2019?

@Tobias does that blackout addon still work, did you test it lately?

Faende ich tendentiell ja eigentlich recht gut, sich da zu beteiligen...

... and I don't think that they will blackout, but just but anyway... better than nothing...

All you need now, is a good banner. Something like this:


@Tobias and at that point I can't follow anymore. Pageheader? Campaign info?

I like it... it resembles the Wikipedia blackout page and signals that it is a joint action.
Would it be possible to also create this background for other networks such as Mastodon, Diaspora, Hubzilla as well - or just a generic "Fediverse" background? Is there a logo for the fediverse anyway?

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