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!Friendica Admins

Does anyone plan to join the #Wikipedia blackout with their #Friendica node on 21.03.2019?

@Tobias does that blackout addon still work, did you test it lately?

Faende ich tendentiell ja eigentlich recht gut, sich da zu beteiligen...

No, I didn't test it. But the code is that simple it just work...

Does WP a global blackout, or is it an action of WP😁E? I only read WP😁E wanted to do it, but did not follow the development of the last days.

... and I don't think that they will blackout, but just but anyway... better than nothing...

Could be a server setting thing. I'll have a look later and check.

But I assume nodes blacking out will be in the EU so it shouldn't be much of a problem 😉

Just checked. I have my server running with the Europe/Berlin timezone (set in the Friendica configuration) and entered a blackout from 6:25 to 6:30 and it worked as expected between 6:25 and 6:30 Berlin time, not UTC.

All you need now, is a good banner. Something like this:


I would add a note in the pageheader the days before, and then just redirect to the campaign/info page. And send out a mail via notifyall to the users, so that they are not too surprised.

@Tobias and at that point I can't follow anymore. Pageheader? Campaign info?

There is another addon, the "pageheader" that you can use to add a note at the top of every page generated by Friendica. That could be used to prepare the users of a node, inform then a week ahead that the blackout will happen.

And campaign info; the addon takes an URL that will be loaded instead of the requested content. So you can either make a nice looking information page (as AndyH3 suggested above) or just link the information page of WP😁E or or another URL you think would fit best. A self-made info page would be the cleanest solution, but is also the most work. For lazy people, just linking the campaign page, and send out an information mail with the notifyall addon, is the simplest solution.

I had not used the poke feature in aeons 😉

How about that background?Bild/Foto

I like it... it resembles the Wikipedia blackout page and signals that it is a joint action.
Would it be possible to also create this background for other networks such as Mastodon, Diaspora, Hubzilla as well - or just a generic "Fediverse" background? Is there a logo for the fediverse anyway?

@Ingo Jürgensmann Everybody can create such backgrounds. #Gimp it . As far as I know there is no official logo for the fediverse and federation.

There was a website with a really good text and links to the whole topic, but I can't find it any more. Maybe we should all put nearly the exact text on your sites.

Mmh... I like personal texts for the pages more 😉

I have used your background image in a little template for a blackout page.

@Tobias is there a way to download those files without copy and pasting and removing the line numbers? ;)

That should be in the side panel ... oh, the repository is not properly spelled out I see. Yea, sorry 😉

git clone [url][/url]

should do the trick. Without the [url] that seems to be a new unwanted feature of the RC code o.O

Actually it is properly spelled out, but Firefox styles the read-only input field in a way that it is not obvious to copy the URL for cloning out of that box... 👍