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A good friend has only days to live

It's good to see so many mourners on pluspora, the Googliest pod in the Fediverse.

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Yes, living with the Google disease is pretty bad, it doesn't give very high life-expectancy. It's a shame that similar diseases, such as the Microsoft disease, still exist today.

well g+ ppl liked so much their social network. We should respect their pain and offering a better place to stay instead saying that google is the incarnated devil

@Miloslav Číž I helped bury "Wallop" the social network site started by Microsoft.

Heartbroken. 💔

@Astheroth 明日照... Not so sure about that (incarnated devil)

Ha!... Auch Friendica ist ein "Googliest pod", lieber @Dave Sutton ... ;DD
Du kannst die PlusGoogler jetzt überall finden, mein Freund!! ;))

We must remember that we all come from somewhere. Some from Facebook, some from G+ and others that this is their first social network.

I closed Fb in 2012, I had opened an account here (this pod no longer exists today but there was not enough exchanges in time...) then I migrated to G+ until 2014 when they changed preferences without notifying us, and that's when I moved forever here

@Astheroth 明日照 I am not comparing Google to devil, I say it's a disease 😀 It is sad indeed that this G+ person is dying of that disease. We do offer support! Thankfully G+ has a number of children free of the disease here on D* who will bear his legacy.

(I myself come from an abusive parent named Facebook)

@Pufcorn... Because of publicity on G+ pluspora has many many G+refugees but there are some great people on other pods, thing is they are not all Googlies, and as strange as some are, I really like them

Oh!,... es hatte Werbung auf G+... Verdammt, ich habe es verpasst, lieber @Dave Sutton
Ich sah andauernd, wiederholt und wiederholt, nur die vier [extrem Werbung] Buchstaben-Werbung…

LOL ... stop crying and move on people. #Google is known for their products being born and then killed easily.

@Dave Sutton
You have your heart on your hand! (french expression, i'm not sure of the translation)
There are good people on several pods and I have contacts from everywhere and I love diversity even if sometimes we have language barriers.

Thanks to the translators 😀

@So What Now ? After the cremation will all intend to celebrate.

@Andi Droid The four letter social network got very extensive publicity, I ended up there for a while but was very lucky to be redirected here by a friend on G+

@Dave Sutton Oh!!,... du warst vor G+ auf dem MeWe??
Ich wollte den Namen eigentlich nicht mehr nennen, lieber @Dave… immer wenn ich es auf dem sterbenden Netzwerk tat, kamen sofort Verteidiger der vier Buchstaben und damit auch noch mehr „Folge mir“-Werbung.
Ich hoffe, das passiert hier jetzt nicht.

@Dave Sutton
good, you didn't mention my name, enough people already blame me for you being here

Don't be sorry, @Dave Sutton
You give voice to many people's feelings.

@John were my guardian angel and you deserve all the publicity you can get

@Chiara 🏵...I'm sorry that you are so sad, especially as you now have to put up with people like me

@Oya SANLI... My sentiments also

Looks great @Dave Sutton, thanks

Good. Now let's take Facebook.

@Theodotos Andreou Nö!,... da steige ich jetzt aus, denn ich gebe meine Gedanken nicht für das Zuckerberg Imperium... ;)

I heard that they are in trouble with exposed private info of user to employees.. I don't think it will live long. I think they gave up on fixing bugs..

@Andi Droid yes, I was talking about Facebook..

Oh!... ich hörte diese Aktuelle Nachricht noch nicht, liebe @Oya SANLI ...
Ein Glück ich war nie dort, denn ich unterstütze das Imperium nicht!!!
Die Medien haben im letzten Jahr einige Berichte,…
besonders stark in Deutschland, aber auch [etwas weniger stark] in einigen anderen EU-Ländern,... hatte das Zuckerberg Imperium starke Abwanderungen.
Das Imperium hat die große Kopfzahlabnahme,… etwas ausgeglichen, durch die echte, offizielle Verknüpfung mit Instagram...
Und dann hatte das Imperium seit dem Google Beschluss großes Glück, denn durch das G+ Sterben, sind viele von G+ dorthin gesprungen.
Neue Kopfzahleinbrüche können sicher nicht mehr so leicht aufgefangen werden…
Es sei denn, das Imperium fusioniert vielleicht mit einer geschlossenen Gesellschaft. ;))

@Andi DroidI don't think G+ users will jump on Facebook, many of G+ users are already hating Facebook.

@Oya SANLI Hmmm… Ich sah es bei einigen Foto Communitys, in denen ich war, liebe @Oya die Inhaber haben die Communitys nach FB verlagert und die Mitglieder gingen zu einem überwiegenden Anteil mit…
Und ich hörte es auch von anderen Communitys...
Ich sah es bei etwa einem gutem ¼ meiner Freunde…
Diese gingen nach FB, weil schon ein privates „Familien“- Konto vorhanden war.
Viele, viele andere sprangen nach Instagram und das ist ja ebenfalls FB!
Ein Teil der Freunde nutzt jetzt vorerst nur WhatsApp und das zählt ebenfalls inzwischen für FB.
Ein geringer Teil ging zu Twitter, Flickr oder 500pix…
Eine sehr geringe Anzahl verteilte sich auf Pinterest, Ello, Youme oder sonstige…
Von dem Springen in die dezentralen Netzwerke habe ich nicht sehr viel bemerkt...
Ein riesiger Anteil und sehr viele Communitys, zogen in die geschlossene Gesellschaft der vier Buchstaben. Allerdings denke ich, dass einige jetzt d... show more

@Andi DroidFacebook was before G+, I have an account since 2007 at Facebook and 2011 at G+. I kept Facebook account, I'm very glad I did, because while I was at Bay Area mom choosed messenger to communicate with me. Before leaving I showed her both messemger and hangout and we used both together. She choosed messenger, so for 3 years we didn't loose connection. I still keep G+ and Facebook account. I have some pages at FB for my photography, my blog, for cooking and so on.. I'm also using Instagram, whatsup, twitter.. I'm not sure if I have any account at Flickr, I didn't use it much. I'm in IT so I try to have an account every where😀 Let me try four letter which I didn't hear about it before 😀)

I don't care if it is hard or not, I always find my way of using apps. I started to work as developer so I know some about background too..

Here, my writing is getting better, and I'm really happy with it! I don't care about not editing. If I do mistake I try to correct it via a comment.

Oh!... meine Güte!, wie kannst du die Zeit für so viele unterschiedliche Konten finden, liebe @Oya SANLI ???
Meine Zeit ist oftmals nicht einmal für ein Konto ausreichend. ;))
Du wirst die anderen Worte sicher finden. Einen erholsamen Abend, voller Gemütlichkeit und Freude, für dich, mein Freund!! Ganz liebe Grüße : ))

I....actually love Google+. It was much better than FB. I was getting the hang of it and then a few months later the news came, so I'm really sad. 🙁

G+ was hands down the best place to talk about tabletop RPGs. I'm gonna miss it a lot.

I will miss G+ but it is not a big disaster for me. I like just chatting to a few people,having a laugh and enjoying myself. I'm still in contact with with people I first spoke to eight years ago on G+
Diaspora is a different kettle of fish but I have met some very interesting and creative people here and really like it.

I actually felt very similar about reddit -- though it didn't die officially (yet), it transformed to an abomination that is not worth spending time with. Diaspora has done a great job in supplying me with interesting news and conversations since -- even though it's not the same, it's better in many ways as well.

I do really miss G+.. 😢

I was on Reddit..
I tried commenting on 2 or 3 posts. It said I was commenting too much.. 🙁🙄🤔

It did that to me too.

Thanks to those who are respecting our sadness. I hope I can meet lots of new people here...

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