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#DiasporaRebelAlliance 💪

I managed to get our friend @cσυηт hσOρυƖα un blocked from #Pluspora. Thanks again @Di Cleverly for being reasonable about this.

Link to the thread:

^(This thread might be gone soon, it was posted from a new Theaitetos account he made on Pluspora. If someone could point me to a good archiving web site we could use to preserve threads like this, I would appreciate it.)

#FreeSpeech #Censorship #ShadowBanning #Gplusrefugee #Federation #Confederation #FC #FreedomClub #WildDiaspora

One of the problems I see on MOST social media platforms is

Posts FACT

1 or multiple people that support GLOBAL SOCIALIST LEFT platform get offended
They report the person

Post/content removed

No appeal process
No process to find out WHO reported you
ZERO process to label the REPORT/CLAIM as FALSE
and ZERO process to held the false report accountable and action taken on THEM

Yeah I don't know how I got labeled as a bot, if that's even what happened. It's frustrating when you are cut off like that. I noticed sometimes I see posts by thea and if there are multiple images not all of them show unless I use the permalink from his pod. Although that might not be related to this at all.

Why are use diaspora? This is a very limited and undeveloped platform. Also, i noticed that most of the podmins are supporters of neoliberal democratic censorship.

Also i can help organize a hub on any engine (i would recommend Hubzilla or Frendica - it can communicate with almost everyone), contact me if you need help on it, i am happy to help anyone: anarchist, centrist, fascist, muslim, jew, satanist, homosexual, transgender, and even a candidate for the democratic party. Type of infiltration ideology of people does not matter to me.

I thought about moving to Hubzilla or Friendia. I'm kinda running out of Diaspora pods to move to. xD

Lol @Thea! Dude, help me win the lotto and I'll get all of us our pod!

lol, I'm a mathematician, I don't do lotto. xD

Dude, it's odds and statistics. It's totally up your alley!

If you can make a pod with pipes and structural steel then I'll build one

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