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On Trump's bible signing session

The local meteorologists from Montgomery started warning the area just east of where I live to take shelter immediately. As the storms battered our region we heard the tornado sirens, made phone calls, checked on loved ones and neighbors, and made sure people were okay.

Drumpf is just a man. Why would people give him their Bibles? Why would he sign them? It isn’t his place; it’s near sacrilegious.

First of all, Trump is not just a man - he is the fucking president of the fucking United States. He may not be everyone's president, but he has the official position, nevertheless. Also, he has a strong back in the pious pseudo-Christians of the Southern states. To sign Bibles in a catastrophe-stricken region is seen as a believing president who is close to his people, and those who believe in God Almighty as well.

One, involves Jesus being asked about whether a tower falling on people and killing them was because of their sins in Luke 13:1-5. With great seriousness Jesus answers, “Or ... show more