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Welcome to my 🔥 Main Thread 🔥

Everything you need to know about my presence can be found here.

Including my other social accounts:
Twitter, Humblr, Tumblr, Sharesome, Smutty

I am Mr.XXX and I promise to keep my followers entertained.

I will be updating this thread every once in a while with replies, so stay tuned.

My DM option is available for everyone, It does NOT mean I reply all DMs.. I ignore stupid messages and I don't feel sorry about it. I always reply to boost trades, mentions and business related, mostly. Or just anything interesting. Got nothing to say? - Don't say it.

If you want me to reply, make sure you have something good to say, and I'll be glad to chat.

These rules apply on every social media account that I have.

Filtered word: nsfw

I have decided to post all of my #GIFS here on Humblr in one place, just like in Twitter.

Check out my GIF thread here:

Some of these posts have already been posted. So if I wanted to feature them on my feed, i wouldn't have to repost them again or search for those of my quite long feed.

Threads like these are meant not only for my followers to check out all of the GIFS in one place, but for me to be able to #retoot and reshare them easily, when ever i want.

These are very 🔥 #HOT 🔥

Those GIFS that already been posted in the past, shall remain undeleted, as i don't want to go and search for them on my archives.
If you happen to stumble across those duplicates, let me know via DM and give me that link, so I could remove these and have all the GIFS in one place - this GIF thread.

➖ ❌ ❌ ❌

If you want to check out my media, I suggest you to click on "Back to Mastodon" button.
That way, if you click on my "Media" tab from there, it will be much easier to see all of my posts.

If you are viewing my profile from your Humblr.Mastodon Home though, don't forget to click on my media to enlarge.

I strongly suggest you to scroll to the bottom of it. There is alot of 🔥 #HOT 🔥 pictures posted by me.

But, let's face it, you won't make it to the bottom... 😈

➖ ❌ ❌ ❌

I still have tens of thousands of pictures from my collection, waiting to be posted on Twitter, Humblr and My other social media.

Be sure to tune in as often as possible to avoid missing all of my 🔥 #HOT 🔥 media.

P.S. - It's hard to keep track of everything I post. So some pictures may duplicate. If that's the case, just remember, I'm doing this because it's fun for me. If I feel like it had to be posted twice, then I post it twice. 😈

➖ ❌ ❌ ❌

I do enjoy to boost some people and share their media on my feed, so I might get unpleasantly spammy for you.

Also, If you happen to mention me for a #Boost, be sure to add a picture/GIF, so I would consider boosting it. I ignore every empty mention posts. Be sure to surprise me with your pictures.
🔥 😈 🔥

So i hope you like my media, which is only #Softcore! - ENJOY !

➖ ❌ ❌ ❌