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There's a new #PeerTube instance run by @deadsuperhero called VidCommons which is dedicated entirely to #CreativeCommons and #PublicDomain works:

It's just started so the selection is still limited, but it's gradually building up. You can follow the site's channels by RSS (click on the feed logos in the site) or through the #Fediverse (enter the channel's URL into your Mastodon search box for example).

There's also a new tracker-free website run by @kinosocial which has selected CC/PD films from PeerTube and

#Videos #Movies #Films

Maybe I'm not following something about PeerTube (I admit I just created an account recently) but why can't I follow an account on from my PeerTube account?

I think following peertube accounts from within peertube is coming in the big release version update which is due this month.

Ah ok cool. I think I can do it for accounts on my server already just the cross server stuff.

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