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**Welcome to Diaspora***

"The online social world where you are in control"

That is, "you are in control" only if you start your own pod. (Which is something that anybody with the know how and resources can do.) A podmin is free to run their pod more or less however they please. The majority of Diaspora users however do not have their own pods and are at the mercy of their podmins. Not to be alarmist, as most pods are being run fairly and competently, but there are a few notable exceptions that have distinguished themselves over the years.

You need to put some consideration into the pods you choose to sign up with. Not only does the podmin have the power to censor your posts/comments and delete your account, the podmin also has access to your private data, your email, contacts and private messages. They have a right to deny service to anyone they choose. There's no question, however some podmin have been known to be loose with the private info of users they personally disliked, even publicly disclosing a users email.

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