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I loss my faith in Kernel team and LF after they bent the knee to Feminism , Political "correct" and censorship

Feminism rules dude!

@Chiwy M.F.T. - Feminism is Socialism
Women have had the SAME or MORE rights as men since 70s in the west+EU+JP

  • LEFT = Global Socialism = Equal Outcome & "Diversity" + Censorship + Open Borders + Victimhood/Group blame + Remove Due Process & Evidence
* NON LEFT = National Democracy = Equal Opportunity + Merit + Free Speech + Proper border control + Individual accountability + Due Process & Evidence

Feminism since 70s
* Replace Democracy with Socialism
* women dependent on state for resources
* women HATE MEN+Democracy/west
* Misinformation + change words
* Remove individual accountability for women via
- abortion
- No fault divorce
- Duluth model
- pussy pass in courts
- Metoo
- Kangaroo courts in education/uni
- Removal of due process+video evidence
- change concept "consent"
- Allow "abortion" after the child is BORN , its "her choice"

Or you are actually WRONG
Have you actually considered that or even bothered to read and reflect on what I posted

Well hang out with some feminist for some years (the anarchist in my opinion are the best one) and then we can talk.

So you want to refuse reality and whats been happening in the last 3-5-8 years and go on a person's "live experience"

The truth is MOST feminists are Global SOCIALISTS even if they dont admit it or willing to reflect on what they are pushing

Ive walked away from dating/cohabit/marriage of Women
and find no value , being "friends" with women in real life outside family

Maybe that's your reality, not mine, have fun.

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