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Linux / hardware question about Retpoline
Does anybody know if Retpoline is compatible with Skylake CPUs and further, how it behaves (is there any overhead or slowdown after activation, are there any downsides)?

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Are there any Spectre/Meltdown mitigations that do not impact performance?

(rhetorical question)

i7-7500 here with retpoline. I don't actually notice much of an impact.

Internet says, "CPU benchmarks continue to be minimally impacted by retpolines." Have a look at phoronix tests

@Phil ofc any mitigation causes slowdowns, I meant the ones which cause more than the 5% Intel is talking about. 😀

I admit I was being a bit snarky 😀

The Phoronix benchmarks look useful.

Yep, it looks promising. We got some calls from users stating that their systems were slow after migrating to Win10 Build 1709 which has integrated microkernel patches against Spectre. We sorted out the usual suspects like EMET, virus scanner, network and Win10 overhead and increased RAM load but there still was a gap. This might be caused by the patches. As MS is planning to roll out their Retpoline implementation with the upcoming build, this might help. I am trying to predict if it could help against the slowdowns. We will do our own benchmarks but this is very helpful as a first outlook.