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Google+ Style Multi-column Stream

Welcome to diaspora, new folks!

BTW, I put together a CSS userstyle that enhances diaspora with multi-column Stream/comments, auto-expand, and some other niceties.

1) Download Stylus plugin (Chrome, Firefox or Opera):

2) Install desired Multi-Column style from here:

3) Modify the domain it acts on if you’re using a different pod

I also made multi-column userstyles for other social media sites, but diaspora is the one I've refined the most.

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it's look really cool... but how do I modify the name domain if i'm using a different pod ? Thx Isaac

1) Click on the "S" icon and select "Manage".
2) Click on the userstyle to be modified
3) Edit the domain in the text box (default is pluspora . com)
4) Click on "Save" to save the changes.

perfect **: )**
B.I.G.S.H.O.U.T !!!

@Isaac Kuo, would it be possible to add a (terse) changelog in future?

Anyway, THANKS SO MUCH for that awesome userstyle, I can’t imagine using pp without it anymore!

Isaac, dear, excuse me while I steer one more G+ refugee in your direction...
@Roldán, multi-columns, for feathering your new nest here! Makes a huge difference ~~~

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