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So let's see how this works out:
// clean up the database
$a->config['system']['dbclean'] = true;
$a->config['system']['dbclean-expire-days'] = 600;

This setting should delete all public posts from other server with no user on my server owning them after 90 (??) days, that's the first setting.
The second setting should expire all external posts owned by some user locally.

I think #Friendica picked up to work on the cleanup and expiry this last hours, I can see 2000 open task in the queue.

I did this because the database was getting bigger and bigger an I heard other server do this as well, so when I read that my database is bigger than other public server database I started thinking.

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Wow, that really is going to be a little while.

Impressive, who did program the cleanup anyway? @Michael Vogel were you involved? Thanks for that feature.
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Now we are about a month further again. Really amazing how this long lasting process is just going on and on and on....

Because it is my personal server, not other users on it, so I like the data to be available that long, for my public server I chose 365 days.

Database size: 37,4 GiB

I did not yet optimize anything manually.

It is now already running for a week, that is really impressive.

The main part of the feedback is "it works well, just activate the function and wait for it to finish".

Now I got tagged... maybe it needed some time (cron calling the worker process)?

not on my side I think... the queue at them moment is empty and the work usually runs continuously, it is restarted 2 minutes after it quit, actually 2 minutes at most. I have systemd doing that.

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