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Happy New Year #Friendica!
On this new year celebration, I'd like to tout our own horn here at #Friendica and reflect on the impressive amount of work that went into improving the software on all fronts.

This year, we:
  • Added support for Unicode emojis 🎉.
  • Added Mastodon to the long list of protocols/networks we support 🐘.
  • Moved and improved the main directory at 📇.
  • Improved or added Russian, Italian, British, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Chinese translations 🇺🇳.
  • Defined coding standards for the project and made numerous files compliant.
  • Added Composer support and moved some third-party libraries to the vendor/ folder and some global includes to the src/ folder where they are now auto-loaded.
  • Added several missing API calls to further integration with #Twidere.
  • Completely overhauled the background processes.
  • Started using prepared statements instead of explicit parameter escaping.

And this on top of all the usual bug fixes and various improvements we regularly come up with.

Thanks @Friendica Developers, and here's to a new year of happy coding! 🎉
Hoho, congratulations! Hip hip hurray!