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Why "woke" (mentally ill) people are creeps

Check out this Youtube channel top see why #woke people are creeps. Then you also know why I won't teach my daughter that there are more than 2 genders/sexes out there.
#Woke #lgbtq+ circus goes on and on, the craziness won't stop:
Woke TikToks You're Supposed to Laugh At 🤡
#AfroAmerican man says in a #school board meeting what needs to be said about #Queer and #wokeness :
Collision of the Queer Agenda and Black Community
Collision of the Queer Agenda and Black Community
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#Woke #TikTok "content creator" who makes you wanna yell at your screen:
Try Not to Yell: WHAT THE F**K IS GOING ON TikToks
#Idiocrazy was definitely a documentary movie.
#Woke #Pronouns-Circus is touring again;
These Trans Women Can Give Birth - Just Ask Them! 💩👶

Plus: A woke "Dr." cannot answer if a biological man (with a penis, obviously) can give birth (of course only women can). According to their (woke) "logic" they can because trans-women are women (biology=facts don't matter to their feelings and delusions).

Also: Woke "non-binary" woman is happy about commenter asking for her pronounces...
These Trans Women Can Give Birth - Just Ask Them! 💩👶
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#Woke demonstrates against #transphobic #fascism but cannot define what fascism is:
"I WANT Both SETS of Gen*tals"🍑 🍆 (Female)
"I WANT Both SETS of Gen*tals"🍑 🍆 (Female)
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#Fativism gone to far:
"Being FAT is NO Different Than CANCER" (Fativism GONE TO FAR)
#woke people will accuse you of #fatphobia when you don't feel sorry for them shoveling big amounts of food into their mouths.
You are disgusting.

Roland Häder doesn't like this.

@Ricardo Harvin Oh, am I? My girlfriend is from #Zambia and I do not believe in "Healthy at any size".
Someone just called me #disgusting here, I don't know why. Maybe that I don't #glorify fatties? That I don't want anyone to die earlier because of being obese? Go after your fat-fetish, I don't care. And yes, that troll is #blocked now.
And oh, guess what. He cannot understand or even never watched videos from #OdinsMen channel where he is pointing out the crap these people talk. I guess he complains there about me, being "fatphobic". No, I don't hate fat people, I only don't like that some (radical) of them feel so entitled.
Did these people watch any commentary videos (#OdinsMen isn't hateful at all towards them) he made? Do they understand his reasoning and understanding behind this? He and many others (including myself) are just not interested in fat or trans or whatever part of the rainbow (#LGBTQIA ). He repeatedly said that an "innie" (he cannot say #vagina or #pussy directly at YouTube) is "his jam", means what he finds sexually attractive, means where he enjoys sticking his dick with consent in. We simply do not owe them attraction and affection, period!
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#LatinX is now the new #woke term for #Latino and #Latina:
"I Was Watching AdultVids at 8, It's GOOD for KIDS" (Consent at Any Age Crowd)
"I Was Watching AdultVids at 8, It's GOOD for KIDS" (Consent at Any Age Crowd)
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BBCode fixed

"When you say that you don't want to be called #cis-gendered, you also must say that #trans-women are women". #woke #gender-surpremacy:
STOP Gender Supremacy USING F.A.R.T.S. (Very Real & Spectacular) emotional bonding before you want to enjoy #sex with someone was normal but today it is titled #demisexual ... #FARTs is the next nonsense these lunatics come up with.
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Some (lunatic) fat people think it is #fatphobia when skinny people complain about that their ordered seat on an #airplane is spilled over by a fat person:
"I Deserve Two Seats on A Plane. It's a Human Right!" (Flying While Fat)
Listen: If you book 2 seats because of you are obese, that's fine and I appreciate it a lot. But demanding that other people still should #STFU when their space/seat is encroached by a fat person, that's where I have a problem with. You are not entitled to my seat. So, next time book 2 seats and I won't complain.
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#woke lunatics are now being in mental healthcare section but still suffer from #genital #dysphoria by themselves, it is horrifying to see:
"I Suffered Bathroom Segregation Like People of Color” (Therapist)
PS: I don't hate these people.
"I Suffered Bathroom Segregation Like People of Color” (Therapist)
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Classic quote:

Hard to have biological children when it's a sword fight

"Doc TRANS'D Me After ONE Visit (F to M) Now Massive Regrets"

Heterophobia is rampant

So who else is a proud #transphobe ?

Edit: Ha ha, looks like some people don't get the irony I wrote here. Sorry for that, I still stand to it, not a #transphobe here, more a straight man that loves and appreciates the "innie" of women.
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"Qatar's Laws☪️ Need to be Changed NOW for Queers!” (UK Gay Man at World Cup)
#Qatar is an #Islamic country and they have seen how this #LGBTQ+ thing worked out badly in our Western countries. So is it really that bad? Just keep your private things private and don't wonder when you are being arrested according to local law when you try otherwise. Nobody cares that you fuck an other dude's ass in your private bed room as long as it is with an adult and with consent. But #sport events are not gay-politics events, they are sport events, no matter how hard you push it. Qatar won't change their laws for you, they will ban you from traveling there. And I respect that.
(Ex) PORN Star Ages Out then Tries to Go Dr Phil Girl Boss
Mia Khalifa Hitting the Wall and the Adult Diaper Bill Got Crazy Expensive NOW tries to Go FULL Dr. Phil Girl Boss.

Also good comments below video:
I don’t think it’s bad for her to regret her actions. She can go up and say “hey this wasn’t a good choice I made” but it seems like she wants to blame others for the choice she made. She needs to take accountability to gain respect; but she seems to just be fishing for pity.

Oh please, she knew exactly what she was doing. Shes just sad the money is drying up just like she is.
Watch out, old show with #JerrySpringer:
"I Found Out You Are Transgender" (Str8 Guy)
Is that the kind of world we want to slip in, that we have to ask for a #DNA test that the woman is actually a woman and not a man looking like a woman?

Comment 1:
😂😂 so now we’re being told that if we don’t want a woman without a wiener, we’re transphobic. I guess I’m transphobic then, it’s a label I’m happy to accept!

Comment 2:
In sick of them trying to bully and manipulate people into dating them. Its very r8pey and I'm more than over it.

Yes, I can subscribe that!
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"MY Special Ed Students Validate MY Queerness But Family Doesn’t” (Elementary School Teacher)

#queer #Pronouns-Circus #LGBTQ+ #mental-health #mental #illness 33 years old lady, not married, still single, no baby in womb, no husband to bother her, "happy single"?
(Actual) #Woman goes nuclear when a man in a dress says: "Women don't exist!":
Mother Goes Nuclear When Man in Dress Says "Women Don't Exist"
Plus: #queer #LGBTQ+ member scares children over just a religious cross.

Here is the actual video she posted and got a little pissed on that man on the left side:

And here were she noticed #OdinsMen has picked her video up:

Don't worry, , you are not alone! Edit: Found an other instance still showing it.

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#Woke dumbest people on #TikTok :
Dumbest People On Tik Tok
And of course they come with their pronouns circus and #gender-identity bullshit. Fat #LGBTQ+ teacher doesn't want to tell her pupil's parents when e.g. a mentally ill (#brainwashed) boy wants to be called "she/her". Also kids can decide between boy and girl until they got brainwashed by these woke lunatics.
"Ex" #porn "star" cannot take responsibility about her actions. First, don't do it. Go to #swinger clubs and have fun there, but don't video-tape it and show it publicly on the Internet:
P*RN STARS Cry Reliving HUMILIATING Things They Did: When Women Regret Selling Themselves
Some comments for you:
"I have PTSD and suffer from trauma now" = no, that's called embarrassment and SHAME honey 👩‍🏫

"I'm a content creator, you don't want to mess with me."

That is about the most hollow threat a human can fling at another human.

You don't want to mess with them because else they will run a slander/bullying campaign against you, that you don't applaud them.
#OdinsMen on #dating problems "modern women" #GirlPower #IndependentStrongWomen have. Maybe they are the problem? If you don't want to end up as an bitter lonely #cat-mom , then expand your dating pool or else your "high standards" are limiting the pool (of possible men who still have the liberty to like or dislike you!) to much narrow:
"I Gave Up the B00TY then Got Ghosted at 40" (Modern Women)
If you keep watching this video, there is a bonus for you from a mature woman saying true things about "modern" #tinder / #hookup dating nonsense.
Again #narcissists give you the worst #dating advices:
"How I Make My Ex BFs Miserable" (Woman Who Boils Pet Rabbits)
Bonus: Watch out for the brown (African/South American?) #gold-digger ladies. You end being poor with them!
Go back into your #cis world and leave me alone.

Exactly that's what is called a completely delusional lunatic, not being connected with the real world he labeled as "cis world":
"Being Trans is Like Getting an Xbox" (Trans woMAN)
Plus that #trans woMAN is trolling lesbians into dating and fucking with "her".
#OnlySimps or #OnlyFans model thinks she is the better you are a "beta" man or simp when you don't want her to show off her body (and maybe intimate parts on an exorbitant price) on OF:
"I SEE ALL of My Friends Getting MARRIED, WHY NOT ME!" (30s Hitting the Wall)
Bonus: 30+ ladies hitting the dating wall and get bitter about it and cry on #TikTok rather than asking themselves why they degraded their own currency (bring nothing more than "run-through" life to the table) on #Tinder or any other #hookup website.
These #WokeCulture on #TikTok is proofing enough that #Idiocrazy is a dystopian documentary movie:
"I Caught My Husband WITH the Dog" & More CircusFreaks
No, I'm not against that you chop off your dick ("johnson" as he calls it as he cannot say the exact word on Youtube), just don't gas-light us straight men (and those lesbians) that you are a woman now. You aren't!
Comment pointing out similarities to #1984 :
Dylan is fluent in #doublespeak and #doublethink. Make your children read Orwell, so they can discern the difference.
Two #trans woMAN in a feminist "talking" (just agree with it, nod it off or else you get canceled!) round. Sidney is the most sane one here, she says that #feminism is about who is the bigger victim than the others, which is on point:
Gen Z Loves Big Pharma, Censorship & Anger Addiction
I don't care if you call me an #anti-feminist or what ever simple names you have for me. Go ahead and call me that way, like the others already did. Come at me, bro!
#trans woMAN has fake period cramps and talks a lot gibberish bullshit and calls you a #transphobe when you don't agree that men can have periods, too:
BF of Viral Period Video Guy is SUPER MAD 🤡 (Impossible NOT to Laugh)
Just a lot bullshit from these "gender studies". Incoming a lot lies and #gas-lightning!
Delusional #influencer looter accuses shop owner of being a #misogynist because he doesn't want to give her potato crisps for free because she is being an "influencer" and is entitled to free stuff:
"Stealing a 90inch Tv Is A Necessity" (Oppressed L👀TER)
These #narcissistic people really want to provoke a punch from you so they can show it to their audience that you punched them and file law cases against you. Just don't do it, because then such people have all they actually want against you. Just call police and don't let them go away (door guards are really needed against such entitled looters).
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Some comments:
I have never been that woman that thinks I can change men. I learned @ an early age that I only have the power to change myself...Thank you, Nana!
P.S. I blame Hollywood for putting unrealistic bulls**t romance/love into young girls minds!

I mean, if a woman opened a door for me I'd be like, "Wow, what a doll." I wouldn't complain about sexism. I'd be happy a woman actually did something nice.
#woke word police says #trigger-warning is wrong to use (it was before a woke word) because it can trigger someone by itself, do you still follow the #bullshit here? They embarrass themselves:
"I Have Period Poops"🤡 (trans woMAN Mansplains Menstruation)
#lunatics are becoming more and more annoying to listen to. Do they listen to themselves?
#Muslim woman accuses White blonde woman of being a #racist with no proof, you should just agree with it and apologize:
Proof Gen Z is Entitled Lazy Midwits Who Contribute Nothing to Society
Maybe these two foreigners are just acting like a #Karen here? Entitled #GenZ who thinks they can accuse anyone with something bad without a proof.
Best comment:
Mike Tyson said it best “Social media made you all way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it.”
Self-entitled, Internet-educated #Black #GenZ man doesn't get money and smashes up store and uses the "You are #racist!" card again so nobody can do anything against this bad behaving grown child:
Entitled Gen Z Cry Baby LOSES IT When Can't Get Money😂(Male Karen)
A #Kevin or a #Karen at a grocery store? Always a recipe for some trouble (and fun, too!).
This is why being a "modern" #feminist means you are crazy and brainwashed:
Viral Self Described Communist, Feminist & Narcissist Hates Her Life as Stay At Home GF🤣
Hatred against #White people isn't #racism, got it.
Why Are They Doing This to White People: VIRAL TikTok Trend
"The oppressor cannot be oppressed." That's how a narcissist talk like, trying to cause further division and not putting people together again. It is just about diversion, not uniting people. Guilting #White people and self-hate of White people (man in the middle of the thumb nail hates himself being White). Go ahead, cancel yourself.
"#Equality means that I have to agree with everything this fat man says or else I'm a hater", JT from #OdinsMen :
TikToks That Smell Like A*S, Lube & Bad Breath (Cringe Warning)
"If you disagree with them, it is considered #Hate-Speech .", JT.
Why are these crazy #woke lunatics talk like they are the smartest people on Earth, while they are dumb and wac-a-doodle?
"Transitioning 6yr Olds is Totally Normal" (Sicko Mom & NaziDoc)
And why do they smile so crazy? Like they have reached their final destination or just feel so entitled?
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#Woke lunatics now found the "evidence", that a #trans-woman (or #trans-fem is you prefer, doesn't matter) can #breastfeed a baby: "I googled it!"
"I Googled It, Men Can Breastfeed" (Man)
When I tried search for the definition of what is a woman myself and of course I know what a #woman is - #StopErasingWomen - then I found this as first result:
an adult female human being.

They seem to have deliberately ignored it as they somewhere still must know what a woman actually is. Bottom line: Only women can breastfeed, men have a to much high dose of #testosterone and cannot produce milk as there are no #mammary gland.

Good German article, not from #Wikipedia , just in case you disapprove it as a reliable source:
Milchdrüse - Aufbau, Funktion & Krankheiten |
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#woke #trans #lunatic people want to "normalize" that male adult human (aka. a man) can go to a woman's locker room and have his penis hang out:
Teen Girl TOLD to W0RSHIP Man FLA$HING His Junk in YMCA Shower
#YMCA #Santee #California #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+
#heterophobic and possibly also #pedohpile #Gaystapo propaganda makes this possible, if employees don't comply with these trans lunatics, they are being called out on social media and their bosses are being reached to fire that employee. You have to accept a female penis now, or else you are #transphobic, perioid.
We never asked for the "word" cis, we don't like it and won't accept it. You made it up and try to label us this way. No, trans-women are NOT women!
"Disown Your Cis Family If they DON'T STAND WITH Trans'g SmallChildren" (Therapist)
I'm a man, not a "cishet" man:
I'm a straight white male, living in a #heterophobic world of homofascim. Every day I'm subjected to the gaystapo-propaganda, that we need more diversity and more tolerance. Which sounds great, until you realize, that this doesn't include me.


I don't care about the other parts of his website, being an "alpha-male" or so. But his points he is talking about (watch the whole video, maybe ignore the "alpha-man" part), are absolutely right.
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Doctors & Psychotherapists: Butchers & Liars
Sterilizing 15 years old people is a bad idea.
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#JordanPeterson talked with "detransitioner" #ChloeCole about her journey:
Detransition: The Wounds That Won't Heal | Chloe Cole | EP 319
#Trans #Tiktok user simps for #AndrewTate , man in woman's cloths aka. "trans-woMAN" thinks #GretaThunberg is transphobic because she body-shamed Andrew about his "small penis". So body-shaming men for our penis sizes is okay, but when we tell obese women to get rid of all that extra body plasma as they will die earlier as they risk a lot of diseases, that's then body-shaming and #fatphobic ? Greta doesn't act like an adult, she is a grown-up child and autistic (did you know this).

Trans TikToker Simps for Andrew Tate: Am I Living in Bizarro World?
Mentally ill ("openly" #queer teacher) people should be banned from school. Don't treat them by transitioning them, treat their mental illness.
Next round for an analysis of some #woke stuff:
Dad Comes Home After 20yrs in Prison to Find Out His SON is Now TRANS
His son turned now #trans the dad distanced himself from that weirdo because of so much rampant #narcissism his son has taken in. Dad just wants to enjoy his life and not have to deal with all that narcissistic victim role-playing of his son. Yet still I would be supportive to help him getting over that behavior instead of encouraging him because he is my son. You cannot stand long with all that guilt being thrown at you while you have nothing done wrong, just see your son as a man, that turned the wrong turn in his life and now needs help.
#lunatic man on street things, #consent can give from 12 years old children ... Lesson learned here, don't get into talks with lunatics because they will pull you deeper and deeper into their hole of #insanity! Remember that only insane people will try to make sane people insane ... Just don't reason with them, walk away and call for help (110 here in Germany). But today e.g. in #California you can no longer do that, they won't come and sent that guy to a #asylum anymore. Just call them crazy (#wokism is an other word for insanity) and walk off:
"Consent at 12yrs old, They Are Mature Enough"
Yes, today more videos from #OdinsMen #youtube channel:
"I Love Using My New Prosthetic Vag" (trans woMAN w/ Latex Lady Part)
Naturally born black woman speaks up against #Dylan and other #woke #trans people who try to erase women #StopErasingWomen . They are not women, she is and nobody has to accept these lunatics and their stupid pronouns-theatre.

And #gay men don't hate the #vagina on women, they love #dick on a man. Gay men don't want to have #sex with a trans-man, because of the vagina and femininity part. Period!

Plus simple-name-calling like #terf or #transphobic which is shitting on straight people to make yourself feel better. I will keep speaking up against these lunatics, no matter what they call me, #empathy is fine, tolerance anymore. Enough is enough. They used our kindness against us.

Also my answer when my daughter asks me, if she is a girl, I will be shocked where that question is coming from because I will think that someone has tried to #brainwash her.

#Prosthetic vaginas are still not real, even when the man having that installed into his body, and tries to make himself sound and look like a naturally born woman, he still is a man with a #latex canal.

And yes, bathroom usage by #trans-people is totally normal today, worship the female penis, bro!
Another #ABC-Mafia weirdo identifies as #asexual . #sex is an enjoyable part of life, especially when you are young and later on, too. But these people just reject it, even at such young age where you should enjoy it to whatever you want and make you happy. But they ruined it:
"I Figured Out Why Trans woMAN are Obsessed with Bathrooms" (Date Night)
#woke teacher records herself while grooming=brainwashing children with her pronouns theater:
Wokeism Is a Mental Disorder: Go Woke, Go B̶r̶o̶k̶e̶ Ugly
Go woke, go (mentally) broke and ugly.
And another #woke teacher got trolled by a student for being "misgendered", while the student sees a woman because he is suborn in his mind and not a complete moron. She calls that student #homophobic, #transphobic and #sexist and might sue tons of money from the school to make herself feel good again about her pronouns-theater and craziness in her mind:
Student TR0LLS RainbowTeacher To CRY1NG in Her Car: “He is a HomO/Trans Phob & S8xist”

So let me ask this question again: Who else is a proud #transphobe ? If you don't get the irony in this joking question, sorry I cannot help you.
TIL: #Obesity is the n-word for "plus-sized" people. And: Heart malfunction doesn't come from #mRNA vaccines, it comes from #climatechange :
"Obesity is a RACI$T Slur" (Nutrition Expert)
Who else is feeling trolled here?
Favorite comments:
The mental gymnastics these people do to make this fit their anti white world view is incredible to watch. If only they put that much effort into figuring out ACTUAL facts and standing up for them...

My favorite part is how the family claimed that this wasn't about race. Of course, it wasn't, they didn't have a white token officer to blame for all this.

Some people just cannot handle not being a victim. They have to turn everything into something that affirms their victim status

This nails it:
“It seems there is no end in sight until people like me aren’t here.” Bingo. I think you nailed it JT.
#DollyParton was asked for her political opinion but basically told those reporters she is a performer and not a politician. Plus the #woke #Pronouns-Circus tours again:
"My Straight Friend WANTS ME When Drunk, Scary"
Best comment:
TikTok is the world's largest insane asylum!!
It seems to me that democracy is.
I should check myself in.
yes. I hate it never used it
#TikTok #divorce coach (WTF?!) makes married women hate men and become an obese angry cat mom:
TikTok Divorce Coach Who Creates Obese Cat Moms with a Boxed Wine Problem
And the #Pronouns-Circus is touring yet again in this video.
Comment with sense:
The problem with those divorce Karens is selfishness. They think it's all about them and what they want. A relationship isn't just about you.
#Korean woman sounds like having something stuck in her throat when she tries to speak the word #White . You are policing her, but these #woke lunatics addicted to validation can do that to you, that you cannot say anymore women have vaginas and men have penises:
Gen Z Validation Addicts Rage Quit When Confronted: It's Hilarious
#GenZ #GenerationStupid
#Trans woMAN comes to terms and realizes hat sHE cannot have a #period because of missing #ovary and #uterus:
"I Kept My Junk Because It's Spectacular" (trans woman)
#cis is not a scientific word, it is made-up to shame on #heterosexual and #homosexual people. Woman is woman, man is man, not fucking cis.
Comment from me:
Stop #cis, stop #cishet it is offensive to women and men! Trans-woman is okay for you, not woman for you. That's not what you are. You are born as man, not a woman.
Lesser #self-censorship which is needed on #Youtube but so far not on #Rumble:
I Have Been Waiting to Unleash on Mr. ChoMo: Rumble Exclusive
The song you hear is still on Youtube and half of them are known and convicted pedophiles.
"Trans'd My Boy at 18 months old" (Most FU*KED MOTHER EVER) RUMBLE EXCLUSIVE
#woke lunatic mom again wants to "transition" her boy into a girl and grooms him into it. These people are sick and need to be taken away from their children. I feel sorry for the children here, because it will end poorly for them.
If you don't like #cis you think you are superior to #trans woMEN which makes you #transphobic . Just #WorshipFemalePenis !
Convicted Transphobe Validates ALL Woman: Reformed Thought Criminal Confuses
#woke leftist #SIMP found Youtube channel #OdinsMen and wanted "expose" JT but exposed himself as a total moron:
the Odins Men channel Exposed!
It is so hilarious to watch his "exposing" videos while he being a SIMP.
Just found this in the comments below this simp going after JT from #OdinsMen:
Keep pushing your "smart" content. People like yourself are why I watch Odin.

Same reason here, then I found this
It’s satire bro, and it’s hilarious

Yeah right, how would I have ever thought otherwise! They do it, it is satire, we do the same, it is #Hate-Speech . Got it!

Gas-lightning isn't a thing for these simps (looser). What I mean is that they gas-light us into believing that he made satire content, while he is trolling JT. Typical troll behavior is when being exposed as such, that they tell you "brighten up" and "ease bro, just fun/satire". They don't know how to make real satire and not their fake-satire troll "react" videos.
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Our #whiteness is the heaviest thing on us. In other words: We need to hate ourself to become better people and bend down get our asses fucked by a #trans #rainbow dick:
Cat Memes Made My Gay Husband a White Supremacist
These kind of people want to make you feel shit as a #white person, if you are proud of yourself, it means you are a #Nazi and #trump-voter and far-right winger. Just become a self-hating white simp and you are okay in their eyes.
If you don't want to date a #trans-person you are a #bigot, and not a man or woman what you have always thought of. This is the gas-lightning behind it:
You're a Bigot if You Don't Want to Date a Trans Woman? Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson
Straight Hate: Trans Rights Group Brands Heterosexual Men Who Won't Date Former Men
#straight men don't #date #trans women because of hatred. No matter if they try to dismantle this as a campaign from #4chan, but that's what I constantly get from (radical woke) #transsexual people. Or why else have they so seriously talked about it? Why do we not just shake it off as a joke or satire? Because it is fucking real and #HeterophobiaIsReal .
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Almost transcripted from it:
Being straight is not hate, it is just the way most are, men and women. Being gay isn't wrong or hateful either. But I have decide what might just be hate, being woke.

#woke #gay #straight
Best comment which nails it:
“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”
-- Voltaire

#Voltaire #quote
Why in the hell do I care if someone else thinks I am "hateful"? I will take reality over acceptance any day.

Wait! Straight men don't want to date other men, and that's bigotry?

Normal people don't deserved to be bullied this way.
Don't validate their #pronouns, what is wrong with these people constantly seeking out others for validation? Grow yourself some balls/boobs! (Means: Be a man/woman and not a #woke looser).
They Are Totally NOT Grooming Kids: Pissed Off Youtube Refugee
You don't have to like #AndrewTate but here he "dismantles" #feminism:
Andrew tate Absolutely destroys Feminism ideology!!! #JustPearlythings
And then I read shit like this: - Please copy-paste the URL, I don't wish to link there, you knoiw, #PageRank and so. #HeterophobiaIsReal #StraightNotQueer
Watch out in which time they brought it out ... during pandemic (no matter if it was fake or real) when people were lonely and desperate for socializing and tender and sex ...
And also this kind of #heterophobic shit: And why not Asian or Black men? Why only white straight men? Stop acting so heterophobic!
“People See My CHEST MEAT As My Gender” (Trans Man Lucas: MisGendered)
#trans (WO)man "Luke" being "misgendered", nobody plays with their delusions along. Best comment:
Well, she is not being misgendered.....they are just not calling her by her delusions.

i still can’t believe youtube is calling this hate speech. we need more people like this the lgbtq123 is getting out of hand.

If being "misgendered" is what gives you panic attacks, you're life is too easy.

Boobs/tits being "misgendered" as "chest meats":
My man sees my "chest meat" as love pillows but ok. I guarantee you that person has never had a true panic attack.
#Heterosexual man speaks truth and apparently #trans woMAN biological woman is pissed he would choose the old woman rather than the hottest trans woMAN:
"Rather SMA$H Hottest Trans Woman Or Oldest Woman" GUESTs EXPLODE #whatever
Why are these trans woMEN so obsessed with us straight men? We are not simply interested in them. And it isn't #transphobic to reject a trans because of you don't like the lower part, both pre- and post-op.
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Best comments:
Dude calmly expresses his desire to avoid sex with a man. Immediately turns the guest into an aggressive and hateful shrew.

I can't believe a WOMAN an actual WOMAN gets upset cz he don't want to be w/a man that dresses like a woman ?! I'm I hearing that correct?!🤨🤦🏿

Yes, maybe that upset individual is an actual woman, how to tell?
I absolutely wholeheartedly stand with Chase. He said what is true.

Yes, #Chase is here on point and the #woke lunatics don't like it.
Let me quote #DrawkKwast again:
We are cool. Just as long as nobody tries to force a rainbow up my ass.
I'm gay, and I'd 100% pick neither, I'd try to use the, "I'm gay so I don't wanna get with a woman and Trans women are women" card

Yes, same here. Just for the other sex/genital (vagina).
#Muslim #Woman EXPOSES #Jeffery then gets attacked by #woke mob:
Muslim Woman EXPOSES Jeffery then Gets Attacked by Woke Mob
Some comments:
I'm glad the Muslim Woman stood up to this.. 100% spot on!! 👏👏 I also agree & DON'T want kids Following Jeffrey!! It's disgusting!!

And let's do this:
Support this Muslim woman because she cares about the future of her children

Jeffrey is the definition of stranger danger.

I don't know if Jeffrey is already pedophile, but wanting to talk with kids about sex as a stranger and not educating parent?
Lesbian Pissed at Trans Zealots Telling Her, "Love the Female Penis"

#Mature #Lesbian goes angry on #woke #trans lunatics identifying as #trans-lesbian:
Trans etc part of the movement tearing apart the rest of it.

"Trans-women are women, but they cannot define the word #woman ... There is no logical discussion here. This is a #religion and if you don't agree, you are being demonized." -

When we cannot agree to basic definitions there is NO discussion. This is the result - Matt Walsh missed 'Rules for Radicals'. It's about demonizing your opponent. Not logic.
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What is a #woman ? These young ladies cannot answer it, because they are brainwashed by the #woke media:
What is a woman?
#trans #trans-woman
Also on #Invidious, a #youtube proxy:
“What is a Woman?” Women Terrified to Answer for FEAR of Being Canceled on @whatever Podcast
These young ladies are terrified to speak honestly: Adult female human. Only the last one said it and I guess she is already cancel-cultured from all her social media accounts, if she has any. If she is self-employed + no (anti-)social-media accounts, these #woke lunatics are fucked by her.

#woke #trans activists meltdown over #Florida legislation:
“It's Literally a FASCI$T G*N0CIDE”: WOKE Activists MELTDOWN Over Florida Legislation
Just look how much their mental illness is visible and how #narcissistic these people are.


Wenn man sich in 2021 entschuldigen will Meme
Wie man sich #2021 und aufwaerts entschuldigen muss #meme #de #Deutsch

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