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For those who are #newhere from other social networks, here’s a bit of handy vocabulary to help you navigate this new social network universe:

- Protocol - An agreed format that enables software applications to communicate with (or “federate” with) each other. The two most heavily used protocols around
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@Dr. Cassone Thanks for the reshare.

@alysonsee (Fca) you're welcome. Good post 😀

friendica main protocol is DFRN , the others 2 are just for federation

hubzilla use Zot as main protocol

'most used' protocol does not mean better of course, away from this.
"As an end user, you don’t have to care about the protocol you are using " wrong IMHO, I care yes, I prefer zot than activitypub or diaspora , without a doubt, for reasons of privacy, for reasons of spam etc.

Pod is just for diaspora, hub is for hubzilla for ex. , and the others use other names, but definitely not pod.

Better to clarify...otherwise you risk confusing and creating misconceptions

Buona Notte.

@Giacomino all good points. There are a few other folks who have provide clarifying points on the original post. Feel free to add yours there.
Better to clarify...otherwise you risk confusing and creating misconceptions
I've tried explaining these things in the past to new, non-techie people, and I have found that the level of detail required to stay true to the subtleties simply frustrates, overwhelms, or even angers them. So, while it is not my intention to create misconceptions, I offer this oversimplification so that I can meet that audience where they are at and hopefully help them find the jargon and concepts more accessible (and less exclusionary) and maybe even pique their curiosity to dig deeper.

@Giacomino very good points to clarify. Thank you.

Not, I think is good to comment here because a lot of people just reading this post of Dr. Cassone ( he has a lot of contacts/connections),

I know your intentions, but unfortunately people, for example, tend to think that "if it is the most used then it is the best" ... the more precise the better, and even me, I do not understand certain things, but I tend to comment on those that at least I know
but sometimes even on those, something happens wrong (in that case hopefully someone will come to correct us further ... eh eh) truth then the 'protocol' is born to communicate inside the software (ex. DFRN), between a node and another, and not to talk with other software/networks, but, obviously if 3 or 4 end up adopting the same protocol (as if it were the same language - australia england america ;) ) then they manage to communicate with each other (in theory).