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TWIF 44: Mirror, mirror on the wall

This Week In F-Droid 44, Week 08, 2019

In this edition: Mirror work in F-Droid 1.6 alpha 1, new blog on Planet F-Droid, submission queue maintenance, and part 4 of Izzy’s F-Droid series published in print.
There are 7 new and 35 updated apps.

F-Droid is a repository of verified free and open source Android apps, a client to access it, as well as a whole “app store kit”, providing all the tools needed to set up and run an app store. It is a community-run free software project developed by a wide range of contributors. This is their story this past week.

Mirror work in F-Droid 1.6 alpha 1

@_hc has spent most of the week on mirror support in F-Droid. All that work is contained in the next alpha release of F-Droid 1.6, alpha 1. There were a number of small related fixes, and it will now choose a random mirror for each APK download.

For the index its... show more

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