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Heute kostenlos im #PlayStore zu haben:
Immersives #eBook mit Geschichten von H.P. #Lovecraft

Sieht zumindest ganz interessant und schön illustriert aus.


Auch Teil 2 ist derzeit reduziert für 1,99€ statt 3,99€ zu haben. Gleiches gilt anscheinend für den Rest der Collection mit Werken von #Poe, #Dickens etc.

The contents might be excellent, but the app is filled with trackers and requests astonishing permissions for a simple interactive adventure...

@Minami-o Actually I see only two permissions that bother me a bit. Location and Run at startup. Everything else seems okay if you read the description.

Just go to your local library and read the actual Lovecraft stories from books; even better, though, buy the Lovecraft books and read them at your leisure. There are many fine compilations available. Check out Goodreads for more information:

@V. T. Eric Layton If that's what you prefer, please by all means, do as you wish. This post isn't for you then. It's for people looking for an immersive and interactive version of Lovecraft stories 😀

Ah... IC, @Oliver Zimmermann

Still, I think anyone's best introduction to HPL is to read the actual stories.

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