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Just a little 'Thank You'...

@Hypolite Petovan , you make me proud and quite happy that I chose Friendica for my #distributed / #federated social platform! My sincerest gratitude to you for what you've given to the community, and your (seemingly) endless patience to help others. What a great dev and a fine human being! You make #Friendica one of the best open-source software experiences out there.

I hope to eventually be able to contribute something real to the project as well, but for now I just wanted to say 'thank you'!

Btw, I'm sure there are a lot of other people that deserve a huge thanks for Friendica, and I'm grateful to them as well - but @Hypolite Petovan is the person I have direct experience with, and has helped me out several times since I started running my Friendica instance. I certainly don't mean to minimize anyone else, though, and I realize OSS is a team effort! So thanks to everyone involved!