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Feedbro - With G+ going you need to discover RSS feeds from your favourite websites and sources for a rich varied source of good news

I use RSS feeds in Feedly to daily skim over 200 different sources for tech and other news. If something is of interest then I can zoom straight into the source and read it. Many sites and services do actually have active RSS feeds but often do not advertise it or post an RSS link icon.

Feedbro is an extension for Google Chrome, Vivaldi and Firefox browsers that will help you easily find those RSS feeds. You can use its in-built RSS reader or paste the RSS link into a 3rd party RSS reader like Feedly or another reader. Why I use Feedly is so that my unread articles are synched across my desktop browsers as well as my mobile phone.

See and don't forget all my posts can also be found in my RSS feed at

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Totally agree. Lots of stuff I comment on is discovered through Feedly which I went to after Google shut down Reader because ... reasons?

This is great. I just installed it and seems great so far. Thanks @Danie van der Merwe.