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@Passagier 451 Yeah, Friendica isn't meant to have multiple columns, so I wasn't too surprised to see it somewhat failing. I'm wondering what happens with infinite scrolling though.

I haven't tried the add-on yet, but I think the idea is interesting 😀

@Passagier 451 I'm on the fence about it, it's like trying to fix a square in a round hole, but as long as it's a user decision...

Yep, if the user wants it that way... 😀

It works great in Friendica when the left sidebar is shorter than the window.

If it's taller than the window, though, there's some annoying javascript that messes with things.

Generally, diaspora has been the most pleasant experience, with very little "crud" to fight. And it happens to do single post view in a way that is very conveniently separate from stream element view.