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Oh but Detroit has been run under Democratic leadership for a very long time. The citizens seem to have an entitlement mentality and have ignored how humans behave and reality for a long long time. I also suspect there is still a lot of gov corruption eventhough the FBI has been very busy in the last 10 years.

i dont understand the "but", do you think, thats an argument? or does detroit have gun-control, proper funded schools, universal healthcare, etc?

Yeah... imagine those “entitled citizens” wanting running water, properly maintained schools with actual books, and basic infrastructure...

...and jobs...

...and adequate healthcare.


Re: the running water... there are abandoned buildings bleeding millions of gallons of water constantly at no charge but citizens can’t afford to get running water in their homes.

Clean running water should be a human right.

In a nice little package its Democrat and labor union policies over the years that have lead to the issues the now define Detroit.
A simple example. I did some work in a few different Detroit public schools. Tell me why they have large numbers of children in the 6,7 and 8th grades that don't know there multiplication tables? All it took was paper and pencils which they had access to

*it's *led *that *their

I miss the Google+ block feature.

"I did some work in a few different Detroit public schools."

"its [...] lead [...]" etc.

Tell me why they [...] don’t know there multiplication tables?
The irony is great with this one.

All it took was paper and pencils which they had access to
No, it also takes good teachers with a good education. Which they clearly don't have.

And textbooks which sat rotting in the book depository... Actually, they are still rotting in the abandoned book depository.

I didn't mention the 40 mac computers locked in the closet.

The bottom line is poor management and the lack of accountability. The citizens of Detroit did it to themselves. The ones that stayed after Colman Young told the white people to leave..

hach, in the end, the racists always unvail themself

GO&fuck yourself :-*

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