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Bashing the Big Bang....This is a FAVORITE by David de Hilster who always gets gems from one of his friends, mentors, and one of the greatest scientific minds of our time: Dr. Glenn Borchardt on his Scientific Worldview Blog. This time Glenn brings to light how mainstream science journalism uses name calling instead of scientific arguments against those dissident scientists showing Einstein and general relativity wrong.

Why Einstein's Thought Experiments are Impossible....Dissident Science....
David de Hilster discusses something very few people have discovered: that the thought experiments which are the basis for Einstein's theory of relativity are based on an impossible universe - one that does not exist. Don't get it? Watch David as he explains it to you using an article from Discover Magazine.

sounds like a good name for a heavy-rock band "Bashing the Big Bang". I like it!

Instead we end-up with phallic crap like “White Snake”. How about take a dump with “Dump Truck”.

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There is a singer (who often comes to Northampton) who has named herself “hole”. As you can imagine, it is not a positive lyric.

Hi Tom, HaHaHaHa... Is that sexist, or something..... Dhan

Those who can't accept the Big Bang don't realize that their opinion is immaterial. The only thing that would matter is an alternate interpretation of the body of scientific evidence. If the bashers had the background to understand that evidence, then they wouldn't be bashers.

Hi Robert, The Big Bang was "invented" to "plug the holes" in a error ridden theory, Black Holes also.
But being worshipped by Dogmatic "scientists", the "monks" would rather create ludicrous, untestable myths than change the theory. That would mean they would have to get new jobs, no more holidays ( sorry, conferences ) in Hawaii. No more expensive books to publish, no more Groupies, no more expense accounts and a huge status downgrade etc.
I would rather believe in a Flat Earth than accept this hilarious, Jesuit inspired, fantasy of the Universe being created from Absolute Nothing.... HaHaHaHa
There have been many opponents of the Big Bang Church since the beginning.
But these "Heretics" were mobbed, sacked from their jobs, ridiculed, their lives destroyed etc.
................ Dhan

What I've found when discussing relativity is that Einstein's theories fall into two categories: The rigorously proven, and the rigorously disproven. The problem comes, not from the theories themselves, but with people's interpretations of Einstein's work.

Take black holes as an example. If you understand general relativity, you realize that an event horizon works at about the same way as moving normal matter faster than light. This doesn't mean that black holes don't exist, just that it takes infinite time for them to condense down to an event horizon.

Hilster has a poor understanding of how relativity works, and what we know about it. For instance, the GPS algorithms are open source. They're implemented by the EU's satellites in addition to the US military satellites.

His statements about ether fail to effectively predict the curve of light from distant galaxies around known gravitational sources. If your alternate explanation doesn... show more

Hi Robert,
Einstein would be very shocked by the way "his" theory, which he stole ( sorry, i mean borrowed ) from MACH and BOSCOVITCH, has been developed.
Towards the end he was trying to re-introduce the AETHER.
The light being curved around a star was EDDINGTON's work. The light passed through the sun's Corona, that says it all.
Einstein knew that Lightspeed wasn't constant.
The myth about gravity, which FARADAY and others thought was more the effect of the Electric Force than anything else.
The Electric Force is 10 to the Power of 42 stronger than the so-called mechanical force of gravity. It is only rational to start thinking and experimenting in that direction.
What about Electro-Gravity. propounded by HEAVISIDE, and others. Even Einsteinian Relativity ( of which, again, the negative solutions were discarded ) surmises that this could be tested in a laboratory, but he couldn't see this.
I must go, until later... Dhan

@Dhan Hurley I'm no physicist but this roasting is consistent to the ideas and theories that make sense to me. It seems that one of the greatest barriers to progress once again is the all mighty peer review. The greatest defender of the status quo and the paycheck that comes with it.

At this point, Einstein's opinion doesn't matter. For one thing, he's dead. For another, he put the ideas out there, and the later experiments speak for themselves. Talking about individuals' work is nonsensical to science. They aren't gods or even prophets, they're just people with ideas. If their ideas didn't predict future observations, or the results of experiments, then their names would have been lost in history.

Black holes weren't provided as a way to fill in the gap of relativity, they were discussed as a direct consequence of the theory of quantum dynamics, and of direct observation. The theory of black holes predicted observations, and that makes it a good theory.

Hi Robert, There is nothing more that i can say that will penetrate your rigid WORLD VIEW, what a shame. But you are with the majority of the Dogmatised information consummers namely the socially, scientifically, politically, religiously etc.- correct.
Black Holes were definitely NOT a result of DIRECT OBSERVATION ....... HaHaHaHaHa.
Read THE EINSTEIN-CARTAN-EVANS ( ECE ) THEORY [ Evans has had big problems from the monks of science for this heresy, which complements, extends and deletes some major errors in Einsteins work. The WEBSITE gets 500,000 HITS PER MONTH. ]:-

Synopsis of Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) Theory :-

This is a well established unified field theory which by some measures is the leading unified field theory at present. It completes the general relativity of Einstein by incorporating spacetime torsion into the equations of dynamics and electrodynamics. It unifies general relativity and quantum mechanics using geometry, and rejects the Copenhagen indeterminacy in favor of objectivity and causality followin... show more

@Dhan Hurley You might want to check that someone has a rigid world view before making these accusations. Other things that might help you get your perspective across:
1. Use bold and CAPS sparingly. If people feel you're yelling at them, they will close you out.
2. Avoid sentences that tell people how awesome something is without actually telling them anything about that something. For instance, "This is a well established unified field theory which by some measures is the leading unified field theory at present." This sentence tells me nothing about the theory except how you, personally, feel about the theory. Think like a teacher, not like a cheerleader.
Your post looks like an advertisement stuck in the middle of an intellectual discussion. Because it discusses the controversy around the theories instead of the theories themselves, it will leave anyone who gets past the first couple of sentences thinking "thou doest protest too much."

Hi Robert,
I will say it again ( though it is boring for me ) :- you must be from the OLD BBS DAYS. I write certain word in CAPITALS because PEOPLE ( including ME ) SCAN material on the INTERNET-WEB-WWW, and QUICKLY pass on.

You have to GRAB them by the SHORT-AND-CURLYS, very quickly indeed.

If you had of REALLY READ and UNDERSTOOD the COMMENT, which ISN'T mine, and CLICKED on the LINK and spent some YEARS, possibly, WORKING on this subject :-
“This is a well established unified field theory which by some measures is the leading unified field theory at present.”


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.................. All my LOVE ...... Dhan