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Does anybody know of any diaspora-interfacing client software that will allow scheduled posting in the future and/or, more importantly, the ability to set a queue for autoposting at arbitrary intervals?


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Oh, I should mention, the ability to post images is required for my purposes, as well. I'm going to be running my own pod again soon, so if it's something that just has to run locally on the server that's not a problem at all...

I don't know of any such software and from what I know, I am pretty sure, that there isn't such a thing. But I would be happy if I where proven wrong.

There used to be a "post it later" userscript (for greasemonkey). But as far as I know, it's not working anymore.

I think the API is being worked on now, but perhaps @Hank G can tell us as I know he's doing something with it.

Makes sense, too. We really need that API. Not only for "our" use, but to attract more people to Diaspora. Google+, closing 4 months earlier than announced means there will be still more people looking around.

Glad to hear status reports, @Hank G!

This may not meet your needs but Hubzilla federates with Diaspora (with a bit of fiddling) and provides future posting and photo libraries. There is no queue management to this process currently, but addons have full access to this interface and could schedule or re-schedule things accordingly. One potential flaw is that the photo libraries don't support future posting so the image would be visible before the post was.

You may want to reach people in a far away time zone.
You may have a large collection of photos, essays or recipes that you would like to space out over time.
You may want to have posts appear during an absence like a vacation.

Those are the first three that come to mind.

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