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If consciousness changes waves of possibility into particles, then how could consciousness be some emergent property of a material universe?

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If consciousness changes waves of possibility into particles
If Santa is real.....
then how could consciousness be some emergent property of a material universe?
Then how come I only got some cheap drone and not the one I wanted?

I trust you see the error here?


@Ian Gager Actually, no, i really don't see what an observer having effect on the observed has to do with your point about Santa.
Nor do I understand what you're speaking of in regard to drones.
Feel free to elaborate.
In the meantime, elaboration via one of the bands of lads (multiple phds in physics are held within the band, hopefully that satisfies your desire for science, academics, and critical thinking.):

#C o S 1 (Semi-Axiomatic) The creator exists, so does magic, we call him SMILEY_LOVE

#CoS 1 0: There is a creator (Semi-axiomatic)
There is a god, well at least there is a creator. We (semi) establish its existence thus. The simple truth is that while the existence of a creator remains axiomatic (meaning postulated and not observed), we at least observe the creation so we recursively... show more

Nice wall of text. Resorting to a gish gallop isn't very friendly, don't you have your own ideas? I thought you were interested in discussion but if not then that's ok.
I mean, I could have just asked you to provide good evidence for the claims made by the quote but I thought that would be boring.

If you like I can explain what my comment means but at this point I'm not sure it would be worthwhile.
I'll leave the ball in your court.

Unscientific word soup gives me the brain runs. I'd rather listen to Daniel Dennet explaining consiousness.

@Ian Gager I am a member in said band of lads (Church Of Space)
Plenty of material out there where I more directly and independently both write and speak myself (both with and independently of said band of lads).
time is precious.

the post and comments can speak for themselves from here i guess....

@Maurice Biermans I'm not sure we are welcome here. Perhaps it would be better if we don't challenge incorrect beliefs in case we hurt feelings? 🤷🏼‍♂️

+1 for Daniel Denney btw 👍

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