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To those whose comments to me, in a post of mine, or anyhow else:

I today was bothered by a bug that automatically created a #newhere - post including all the tags I follow, and didn't mark the recognised notifications as read, as supposed. This went on for the entire day, until a few minutes ago, up to an hour at most. I shortly switched over to my Pluspora-account (you find it in my biography, it's my backup account in case I should permanently leave this account here), to share some of the news I read in the meantime. Now, I'm back here again, but as it seems, some of my comments have disappeared, putting me back to a status quo ante. I don't know in which form it also affected my posts, but I am sorry to anyone who will inadvertently be ignored by me regarding the comments or whatever. It's not my intention, nor my fault, but since it would endure too much time which I am not ready to reinvest just because of technical difficulties, but I hope that henceforth, it will all work properly as bef... show more

Seems like it only happened to me. I guess that God was unamused about something I posted, so he lowered my karma level. 😁

But as I said: Whenever I reloaded the page, such a post listing all my followed text was generated, but fortunately, it was not posted. Still, a strange bug. Maybe it only happened to the pod I am in, which was my first guess. Anyway, it seems to have solved itself.

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