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Starting my trip home from the #OpenBSD #a2k19 #hackathon in Wellington. Step one, cable car down the hill!

(CW: #selfie, eye contact)

Bus to the airport goes directly under the flight path.

How directly you ask?

Exhibit 1:

Had some time to kill at the airport, so I was able to sneak in a bulk build on #arm64 for #OpenBSD, so that'll be 3/4ths done by the time I get home. maybe finished before my brain works again.

(insert joke about "does your brain work anytime" here.)

first post-hackathon bulk, so should cover all of the library bumps and the addition of apm(4).

Plane is delayed by an hour.

I have a 70 min layover in SIN.

This will be exciting. (Well, this airplane will go fast and try to catch up. And the next will wait a bit for us. No butterfly exhibit this round, I guess.)

Oups, 90 minute delay. :flan_heckk:

Made it to MEL. I get to leave the airplane, go through the security theatre, and go board the same plane, at the same gate, to sit in the same damn seat.

Hella late in SIN, so I get a ride!

*Beep* *beep*

(CW: #selfie, eye contact)

Driver is radioing to the gate, and they're holding the plane for me, yay!

This is so long, I don't know how I could have made the connection even if we were on time.

Quite literally the farthest distance between possible gates at SIN. Bleh.

Made it to Germany! We'll see if my luggage did as well :/.

Last one on the plane, door was shut as I sat down.

And now 5 hours on a train to go home. Oof.

Hanging out at the baggage claim, let's see how long I bother

(CW: #selfie, eye contact)

Lost baggage was immediately behind me, so I went and checked.

Yup, bag is still in Singapore.

On the bright side, that means I can leave and get the early train back. Berlin at 11:51.

S bahn riding, should have a bit extra time at Hbf for brekkie.

My marino wool hoodie, and a pair of pants is my only winter clothes with me. It's snowing out there.

(CW: #selfie, eye contact)

It's cold outside.

But warm inside the ICE. Berlin, here we come!

(CW: #selfie, eye contact)

Hallo Berlin!

Brrrrr! I'm used to 20c, and my winter coat is taking unauthorized leave in Singapore.

(CW: #selfie, eye contact)

@phessler Do you normally stay in Singapore?

@phessler I see the older messages now. Are you getting the bag back?

@loke yea, SQ handed it over to LH, and LH should get me the bag tomorrow or on Monday.

only an inconvenience, and not a huge problem.