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~~What the Fuck~~ 😀 WTF terminal dasboard

WTF is a personal information dashboard for your terminal, developed for those who spend most of their day in the command line.
It allows you to monitor systems, services, and important information that you
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import (



Does this run at every start of the compiled code? Looks like it is missing some checks to make sure it is something you need.

Monitoring, imho, is not something you should look at, it is something that should warn me when something is out of the scope defined by someone.

$ whatis wtf
wtf (6) - translates acronyms and filename suffixes for you.

This concept is something I very much live by and for.

@Hans W Yes, you want to have alerting that, well, alerts you. Though tracking trends is not a Bad Thing. I'd very much like some sort of history graphics, and have a reasonably decent one built around sysstat and sar/sadc myself, that updates graphics every 10 minutes (the reporting interval).

The idea of a universal dashboard which I can use to follow trends, news, information, etc., is something I've played around with for years.

This running, say, in xrootconsole, would be interesting.

@Lee David Rothstein WTF is a name collision!!! 😉

@Doc Edward MorbiusExactly my point. Find another name for the dashboard.

@Lee David Rothstein My vote is with "dasboard", personally.

Although it is not on the cli I do like check_mk. It will build graphical histories and trends (on which you can alert too).

The biggest advantage imho is that you are able to measure anything once you are able to code and understand how to write plugins. As an example I wrote plugins to get the number of students in databases, the course tracking modules for an lms, etc...

Then again, that is more a tool to monitor middle large networks.

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