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After the #Pluspora admins lied about my #Ban, I made a new #Account!

Hail #FreeSpeechHail \o Hail \o Hail \o

And to all those #Censors out there: Those who forbid #speech, will beget #violence!

Defend your #ideas in free & open #debate or pay the price in #Blood – like those in #Christchurch! 👍

#DefendEuropa #1488 #Those-who-forbid-speech-beget-violence #NameTheJew #Jews #Jew #Evil #Censorship #Corporations #Suppression #Oppression #Censors #Lies #Treachery #Falsehood #Enemy #Fiends #Synagogue-of-Satan #Israel

Why did you lie about my ban? It said 72 hours. That was 6 days and 17hours ago.

You had two in a row, and then the special for the ChristChurch shooting meme

I sent you an email, didn't you get it?

You know what the worst part is? I really like your content, except for the BS. Honestly.
So Sad!

No, I did not have "two in a row". I got only one, on 11/03/2019 at 3:42 GMT.

And LOL, I got one 15min ago. That was after I created this account.

Which of his content did you like?

You got two 72 hour locks.
This was your third, plus the Christchurch meme which is permanent ban per the policy.

No, I did not get two 72hour locks.

And no, after the second lock I didn't post any content here.

And I can't believe you're willing to compromise your standards to #appease those #antifa #terrorists from Europe.

Just be advised, these pods are harboring real criminals, not just "thought criminals" like me. They are making bomb threats against real people and none of them ever got banned.

@wolf he posted two memes regarding the ChristChurch massacre that were viewed and reported by members of our pod. I had previously posted a policy stating anyone doing that would be subjected to banning from the pod. Doesn't matter about anything else he posted at this point. Those two memes were enough to get him banned. And you can read the post for yourself the reasons why.

I know all that @Di Cleverly, I followed some of the threads you guys had where you guys were talking about it. I don't agree with the reactionary suppression, but it's understandable and I can empathize with your position.

However that's not what I was asking.

You said:
You know what the worst part is? I really like your content, except for the BS. Honestly.
I was just curious about which of his content you actually liked.

I held you to the same to the same standards as everyone else, and you know it. You constantly posted objectionable material and you didn't delete it, so it continued to get reported. Once you reach the threshold, that's how it works. If anything, I tried to keep you here on principle. I truly am upset you couldn't control yourself and stay here. I really was hoping for that outcome. I am disappointed in you @Theaitetos. You're intelligent, interesting, you have a lot to offer. You added to the community. It's a real shame.

He and I shared an interest in Star Trek. And some of his cuter memes and some funny things. I would like and share his content same as anyone else @Wolf.

I held you to the same to the same standards as everyone else, and you know it.
You held me to some invisible standards of unwritten rules. I never violated any of the written rules, nor did I violate any laws.

And when I asked you what specifically was "objectionable", you only gave me a post about women and claimed it was misogynistic.

Honestly, I don't even know what kind of principle you have when "objectionable" content is a reason to ban someone. It was no #harassment, I wasn't #threatening anyone, I did not post #falsehoods – I make an effort to delete any content that turns out to be false as fast as possible! – and I never called for any #violence.

Thanks for answering my question @Di Cleverly.

I just have one more thing I wanted to ask about. My friend has been shadow banned from pluspora for a very long time. You mentioned in another thread you had done a 72 hour temporary block on Thea's russiandiaspora account before. I was wondering why you guys blocked Count_Hoop, and why his block seems to be a permanent one.

Lol who is Count Hoop? I honestly have no clue. Someone mentioned him a while back. The only permanent bans we've done besides poor Thea now 🙁
Have been catfish and bots. Could he have been mistaken for a bot? Can he send an email to our email and just let us know he isn't a bot or a catfish?

@Theaitetos there is an appeals process, but it isn't public. You can reply to the email that was sent. We will send you some screenshots of the material that was objectionable and the policy that was broken. You can explain why you posted, and then didn't delete them when you were made aware that they were against TOS.

Count Hoopula is obviously not a bot and it's highly unlikely anyone would mistake him for one. See for yourself:

I am told the last post of his that federated to pluspora was this one:

So likely, this post is the reason one of the admin saw fit to block federation with his account. However this post as well as his content in general is very mild compared to some of the other stuff I've seen tolerated by your pod.

I guess it you had nothing to do with it, maybe it was David Thiery or one of your other techs. I'm not super tech savy myself and am not sure what you guys use to block federation, obviously it seems whatever you guys are using is reversable, however maybe this was done in the earlier days before you had that function and whoever it was did the block by editing the key, which is not easily reversable. I would appreciate an answer to this so we could get to the bottom of it.

Thanks for your consideration.

I asked you the last time about the reports and you never told me that I have to send in an email. The lock from last week was also the first email I ever got from you, and it never said anything about an appeals process via email either.

How about you post some clear, understandable rules somewhere? And also all those other technicalities. And how about you make some rules about "harassment via reporting", that these terrorists and their ilk are involved in?

@Wolf looking at the post and the date that sounds like a pretty reasonable theory. I'll see if we can get him unblocked right away. That a long enough temporary ban,huh? Please apologize from us. We didn't even know he existed.

You make good point @Theaitetos and we do have rules about number of reports by one individual towards another and what it counts for. So one person can't run through someone's profile and run up the number of reports to get someone banned. But don't think you can change the subject towards someone else. It's your accountability and your actions that are in question here.
You can reply to that email, and we can have a discussion. If you are truly open to finding out exactly what is and isn't allowable in the pod

@Wolf Count Hoopula is unblocked.

Thanks @Di Cleverly I appreciate that. I'll make sure to mention this when I get around to the next update of my pod list. I don't know what you guys intend to do with Thea's new account here, but it would be nice if this thread stayed up so I could link back to it when I update the list.

Thanks again.

If you are truly open to finding out exactly what is and isn’t allowable in the pod
I have been open for free & honest debates for years, before your pod even existed.

Oh, this email you sent me today, said this:
Your account with pluspora has been permanently closed. This is due to multiple reports of hate speech postings, and also a special circumstance postings of images of the shooting in New Zealand for the purpose of gratituitous glorification, which was indicated would result in immediate personal ban across all federated pods.
It's kinda weird that your Terms of Service say absolutely nothing about #hatespeech or #NewZealand:

Are you guys making up rules on the fly? I also did not get any notification email of a change to those terms. And your terms even state:
Last Updated: 17th August, 2014
As I said before, "you held me to some invisible standards of unwritten rules. I never violated any of the written rules, nor did I violate any laws."

Oh nice, you posted something at 4am in the middle of the night (German time), on a pod that I was banned from at the time, and yet you expect me to have seen this post? Seriously? xD

How about sending an e-mail to every account when updating your terms of service?

And why make up such weird rules in the first place? Can I send in requests to have certain things banned from #pluspora too?

You know, I already have an idea for something to ban! Right now the #Jews are celebrating #Purim, which is the glorification of a massacre they did in ancient #Persia. They are even handing out pastries called "Haman's ears" which represent exactly what their names say: eating the ears of Haman, the leader of the people they massacred.
... show more

Emailing everyone is actually a good idea. Thanks for the feedback, we will look into that. 😀

@Theaitetos. You’re intelligent, interesting, you have a lot to offer. You added to the community. It’s a real shame.
you mean like his advocacy for rape?
you might invite him for a cup of coffee @Di Cleverly!

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