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Alternative to Youtube and the Censorship Algorithm:

Disclaimer: free speech is welcome on Brighteon much like on Diaspora. You have the power to choose what you want to watch, and what you don't. There is a reasonable set of community guidelines:
You can set up your own video channel for free, and you will NOT be snuffed out by all-powerful algorithms. You grow your channel as you see fit. If you are banned and censored on Youtube, there is an opportunity for you here.
One more thing: on the surface there are many political videos on Brighteon. If you like those, good. If you don't, there are many more non-political videos about natural health, religion, self defense, etc. Find what you like.
I am not sponsored or paid to say this 😀
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"request an invitation" for content creators? That seems strange to me, given the above description. What criteria are they using to provide or withhold invitations?

Ok I thought that the "request an invitation" thing was weird too. I signed up for a channel, they ask for your full name, email address, and website (I entered in a social media account). They also ask for a "description", so I described what kind of content I might post. It was kind of confusing, but I was accepted without a problem. I think some of this weirdness might be a result of the website being very new. Or, maybe they are guarding their platform against bots and malicious actors? I'm not really sure. I completely understand that some people won't want to give out that information. Out of curiosity, I might contact Brighteon and ask why they want that information.
Here's how I look at it. If I sign up for Youtube I am even less comfortable giving Google:
First and last name
Date of birth
Email (or they want you to create a Gmail account)
Phone number
Some of it is optional. Youtube wants your phone number so they can verify your channel with 2FA. If you do not verify your channel then you miss out on some features and I'm pretty sure that unverif... show more only requires a username and email address, but the search function seems pretty terrible so I couldn't find anything I wanted to watch.

Search isn't great on Brighteon either. I think they're working on it.

BTW what is your brighteon channel?

@charlie brownau

Why not just use BITCHUTE -
NOTICE: This domain name expired on 1/11/2019 and is pending renewal or deletion.

Ah. I got to load. Nothing interesting on the landing page, though.

@S. Lockwood-Childs Search for "texas cow" and the first result will say Texas Cow's Channel. That's my channel. There's not much there right now. I have thought about filming gardening related videos this year and if I do they will be posted there. Any gardeners on Diaspora?
Sorry for the late reply.