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Edit: sorry posted the first time the wrong URL.

This is another minor bugfix update from us, which we recommend you install.

Download Deluge firmware V2.1.2

* Fixed - samples in CUT or STRETCH mode could cut out while recording from song view to arranger
* Fixed bug when a folder contained both files with note numbers in their names, and files without
* Fixed rare misbehaviour relating to editing or recording into the arranger
* Fixed potential crash if you press the keyboard button while in a menu
* Fixed bug where song’s stored tempo could end up slightly off after playing with Deluge slaved to another device
* Fixed minor visual glitch in arranger view when playing many samples
* Fixed problem which could result in vertical scroll ending up far out of range
* Fixed bug where wrong kit sounds could be triggered via audition pads if a different track was currently being played back o... show more

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