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Eugen, the creator of Mastodon and admin of the biggest Mastodon server,, talks about the challenges new users might face when they want to register a Mastodon account. In fact these problems aren't limited to Mastodon.

Every user planning to create an account somewhere in the #Fediverse has to make several decisions first:

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To be honest I don't think these walls of text help newcomers.

It doesn't really matter what they try and why. Just get them try something in the first place 😀

The thing is there is always possibility to move on to others.

Yep, exactly. People don't invest immediately and can hop to other services later or just make have multiple accounts.

As for technicalities - even brief explanation of how all of this works scares a lot of people away.

Agree, most do scare. Well, I keep trying 😀

Maybe we need to concentrate how to rewrite promotional materials in human language 😀

Hihihi😀 we are all human. But writing in a language which is understandable by everybody may help. Some of us are not technical, ads should keep this mind

You need to explain untechnical person what is decentralize, distribute, federation, pod, node means, I think everybody knows what server is.

Maybe instead of making emphasis on those, for ads more general and basic words should be in use.

And since there are lots of new things to explain to untechnical people, they scare and stop.

And if there is time to explain those daily life examples if used in explanations will be helpful to keep people in. May be short videos help at that moment. However, again if tech language is used tech people will come not all..

You need to explain untechnical person what is decentralize, distribute, federation, pod, node means, I think everybody knows what server is.
Yes. And we shouldn't have to explain this at all in my opinion. No matter how you put this, the concepts alone are enough to scare people off. It is like teaching someone to drive (someone who doesn't know anything about cars or any technology and is actually afraid a bit of them) and instead of showing them how to drive - opening the hood and give them lecture about internal combustion and how gears work. Even if you put it in most layman's terms they will run away 😀

I think in short you should use the language of people whom you want to see here..

So ads should not use tech words..

@Passagier 451 @Alexander @Oya SANLI More important than ads is UX. A good UX attracts users by word of mouth advertising and importantly keeps them on the network. There's a reason that Mastodon is by far the biggest in the Fediverse. Not only is the UX really good (better than the other options in the Fediverse I think), it's also familiair to people that are used to Twitter so people from that network feel right at home.

@Eric Buijs I tend to disagree here. UX is important but not paramount. And it is not like Diaspora (or most of others) have it really THAT BAD to be a deal breaker.

Does Bitcoin has good UX? Did early Android have good UX? Does bicycle have good UX? 😀

Also let us be honest - what are people doing here? Do they keep going over options, use intricate formatting or create complicated hierarchy of contacts? Do they really care about protocols and permissions (as long as they work)? People just post here and read stream - this is about all. Most posts are public, short and simple in structure. People exchange likes and chat in comments. UX of most projects is completely adequate for that.

And yes, Mastodon is close to Twitter and people tend to more easily migrate to things they are familiar with - but also Mastodon reached critical mass. A lot of people go there just because "everyone is on there". Good for it but not everyone wants Twitter format so there is still niche to be filled.

@Alexander Lol. Coming from a bicycle fan. A bicycle has the best UX.

I don't think UX bad here and other federaration places I have been using. Yes word of mouth is important. So you need to give words to people spread around. The tech words they just learned about they probably not to spread around..

I believe there is a need to add some known functionalities. May be there is a need to witness what regular users are doing. As far as I did,
They share their writings, photos and videos, and they communicate with those.

It is easy to add a photo and write here. But if you want fancy writing you need to know little amount of code language, and there are some buttons to help that

For commenting links getting in to view.
I think video part is missing here, works with a link.
And I know photos and videos I upload may cost to the owners.

Me, I am looking for people to communicate all around the world, that is important to me not UX..

Before sign in you never know about the environment.. first goal should let people to sign in.. I believe. So you the owners choose the words to spread, because according those words people will wonder and sign in. Then it is important to keep them in..

Also this is open source product written by volunteers. Unlike commercial projects where they invest a lot and try to lure people in with more or less complete product, open source ones are more like journey. Developers are interested when they see popularity and interest in their product. More people mean more features.

Agree, so I think it is better to the language everybody understand and spread I hardly spread the tech I just learned..

A bicycle has the best UX.
Say it to someone who tries to learn how to ride. Or suggest bike commuting someone who always used car to get to work and still likes it very much 😀 And after you learn and if you like it - sure, it has best UX. No one invented anything better at least.

Also try reading documentation ... Doesn't matter if it is about learning how to ride or how to fix it - uninitiated usually just close the book and say to hell with this crap 😀)

I think most people do not read those booklets. I did with my first car. They didn't bother to put info about how to lock and unlock the wheel. So one day I parked at Mom's parking lot and when I left I couldn't able to start the car. Tried everything I can.. read the booklet again.. no solution. So I called service. They came in with a trow truck. Lol 😄 and when they saw the problem was only with the locked wheel. They laughed and unlock the wheel 😂😂😂 if you want to and if you need to you learn

It seems my sentence left in half.. should continue like that

You read

Sometimes I hit wrong keys on phone.. I guess I must of hit the delete key..
Sorry about it..

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