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Filtered word: nsfw

@Johnny Mojo Hi, welcome here and greeting from #Friendica in the Fediverse.
If you're interested, you'll find some very basic information to easy start

Hi welcome to the club!

Thanks @Vladimir ! I'm busy pushing my friends over to Diaspora.

Welcome, i am looking forward your posts

Filtered word: nsfw

People can decide for themselves, and it's easy enough to define my audience between public and private posts. I only punch up, never down, and am no bully, so you may get annoyed with some of my highjinx and dark humor, but I do not joke about handicaps, race and such things. Mostly just jokes in poor taste, the ridiculousness of religion, the stupidity of racial/ethnic hate, etc.

@Johnny Mojo OK you mean normal humor then !
Anyway, as I use to say : if yu don't like me, please block me, ...please.

Well, I do tend to really get under the skin of religionists, racists and nationalists, but I guess that's just part of the fun!

@Johnny Mojo That's what I said : normal humor

Nationalists too?

@Cy by nationalists, I mean those who think their nation is above others, and bully people not of their tribe, not people who love the place they live and their culture.

@Johnny Mojo Sweet, I don't run into many people willing to do that.

Most people are stupid.

Sir Vladimir, please. You sir are top shelf!

@Baskin Robbins Top shelf of stupidity !? Aren't you a bit harsh on me, Lady Ellen?
Exercise of "tongue in cheek"

Sir Vladimir, No,no,no! Nothing to do with stupidity.
adjective, top-shelf
North American meaning
of a high quality; excellent.

@Baskin Robbins I knooow it Lady Ellen, I was just hunting for your compliment. Some need weed, I prefer your compliments.
It is sweet to exchange compliments under the jaded eyes of @Johnny Mojo 's avatar. 😀

Oh you rascal!

@Baskin Robbins OK BUT top shelf rascal then ?
And btw why wouldn't I be allowed my marijuana type ? 😁

Oh yes complimentry weed