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Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #art, #internacionalisme, and #music.
Just sayin' Hi! (and added a random pic that I found)

@Bee Bild/FotoWelcome to you and greetings from #Friendica in the Fediverse. If you're interested you may find very basic information about decentralised social network HERE

Hi, and welcome to diaspora*!

Sorry for the slow response – we’ve been super-busy recently!

Using #tags is a great way to connect with other people in diaspora*. Follow some tags for things that interest you so you see content on those subjects in your stream, and then you can share with people whose posts interest you. Or visit the page of a tag to see recent posts on that topic. Use a few relevant tags in public posts you make, so that others interested in those subjects will see your posts, and that way you can start to make connections with other people.

Have a look at our "getting started" tutorials series for some information about how diaspora* works. If you still have any questions, create a public post with the #question or #help tag and people from our community will try to help.

We hope you enjoy it here.

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