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A help for the wave of newcomers to come

!Friendica Support

Dear All,
once upon a time I've been a G+ refugee and have been so happy to be kindly welcomed in Friendica and the instance which I now reside.
Yet I spent much time in finding my way and realise after I landed on d* that Friendica was more interesting for me. So I though after @alysonsee (Fca) that putting together a sort of welcome text encompassing some basic jargon would be a good thing.
Here is the text I'm planning to provide to any newcomer I see. Let me know how to improve it keeping in mind the following criteria :
1. public is non geek lambda user
2. quick so that the user has the impression he receives the keys in an A4 page max
3. allow me to favorise #Friendica for its flexibility and connexion with the Free Network.
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Is there a Wiki / GitHub site / Documentation section on / Grav to put this text?

That would indeed be an excellent idea. Some sort of first aid box...
Let us wait for the guru's to inform.

@Tobias my english is limited of course but my chinese is nihil
in the blogroll section of the wiki at github to the posting

Would you be so kind to translate ? 😀 thanks in advance.

hi @Vladimir I am happy to help put something together, I have made a start on my github account in markdown

I can try and work on something specific for new users.

Dear @Paul Sutton , @Tobias , and all the others around. I've sent the following text and link to the newhere I follow in the languages I use (EN, FR, ES, IT):
Welcome to you and greetings from #Friendica in the Fediverse. If you're interested you may find very basic information about decentralised social network HERE
The few feedback I got, tell me it is useful to them also because it is so easy to access.
I must say that I the ratio new d* vs new Friendica is not in favor of Friendica despite we are a few ones to promote our network in FB and in G+ predominantly.
I don't have a github account and not planning to open one. Maybe because I don't understand it use.

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