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Check out our new comment box!

A new shiny comment box has been introduced in Friendica's develop branch. Check it out!
Many thanks to @Hypolite Petovan for this great improvement. ♥️

Comment box collapsed:


Comment box with preview:


If the collapsed comment box doesn't expand when you place the cursor in it, refresh/clear your browser cache, please.

Have fun! 😁

#friendica #develop @Libranet Support

s/privaty/privacy ✍️😬

s/privaty/private/ rather.

What is the purpose/goal of the new comment box feature? In other words, what can we do new that we could not do before?
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Making it better and less confusing.

It certainly is less confusing now! Thank you @Hypolite Petovan for the excellent improvement.

The initial improvement was to enable comment box collapsing even with explicit mentions enabled. Then I got carried away, and here's a list of improvements:
  • The Submit button is away from the file browser (on mobile I used to open the latter when I wanted to do the former).
  • The link button is away from the attach button (I have been confusing both)
  • The comment text area is bigger by default, which helps when the autosize doesn't kick in for reasons (on mobile for ex).
  • The fake input field at the end of the thread doesn't show the explicit mentions, just the name of the top-level author.

Under the hood, I have simplified the thread template and the collapsing Javascript.

Then I got carried away

😁 👍

Very much look forward to seeing how this really feels in, I presume, the next -RC? Looks great!

You can test it when you follow a redir-link to my profile or e.g. Hypolite's profile. If you're authenticated via OWA you can write comments on the remote site. That's the magic of Friendica. 😀

I do get authenticated when visiting your profile or using the direct link to this post, but I don't get any option to comment on the post that way.

Are you authenticated as guest or as visitor?
Does it work on another post?

For me it shows me as Visitor under my profile image in the upper right and no ability to comment.

Visitors cannot interact, only guests have the permission to post and comment.

Thanks. So I presume that means if it shows visitor then it is not OWA.

But I don't know why you're not authenticated as guest. You're in my contacts. So it should work.

Yeah, something weird going on here - when I visit your profile it treats me as a Visitor, and has a "Connect" button as if we're not already connected.

Hmm. It works for me when I go to remote profiles. Maybe an issue with some setting on my end. I'll check it.

I checked it from another node. When I visited my profile I was successfully authenticated as guest and I could comment the posts. 🤔

Which version(s) were each node? Maybe we need to un-connect and connect again?

2019.01 and 2019.03-dev. I chose a node on master to do a reasonable test.

Thanks for the hint!

Generally, the new comment menu is a great thing. But you can't answer like that anymore. Reading the answer from the predecessor alone is a torture.

Please enable 'smart threading' in your user settings (display) to avoid that effect when there are a lot of thread levels.

Ha ha ha, maybe we don't need the right margin. It would be something.

With smart threading enabled it is usable. But w/o it really looks weird. 😀

Smart threading still allows for up to 7 threading level, so the issue still stands, especially on mobile.

I know you invented it. Have you tested how the threading works if we would reduce the number of levels to e.g. 4 or 5 when smart threading is enabled?

With smart threading the limit is 5 and even that is too much. I think a limit of 3 would be good.

There's no hard limit at 5, it's just that good at reducing the threading level count. To this issue, I removed the right padding and reduce the left indentation on mobile, hopefully it should be enough to restore normal usability.

Hello @Hypolite Petovan , Would there be an easy way to suppress the "show more" and "show fewer" text in the Frio theme. It seem redundant since there are the elegant +/ - icons in Frio?


I understand that other themes actually rely on the lines 458 and 459 in src/Object/Post.php:

// Collapse
			if (($nb_children > 2) || ($thread_level > 1)) {
				$result['children'][0]['comment_firstcollapsed'] = true;
				$result['children'][0]['num_comments'] = L10n::tt('%d comment', '%d comments', $total_children);
				$result['children'][0]['show_text'] = L10n::t('Show more');
				$result['children'][0]['hide_text'] = L10n::t('Show fewer');
				if ($thread_level > 1) {
					$result['children'][$nb_children - 1]['comment_lastcollapsed'] = true;
				} else {
					$result['children'][$nb_children - 3]['comment_lastcollapsed'] = true;
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@Andy H3 I actually prefer the text to the icons. I find especially the + icon very confusing because it makes me think I could add something, instead of expanding the comments.

I see, so we might need better "expand"/ "collapse" icons?

Something along the likes of this?

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I changed the plus/minus to carets like in the settings accordion:

@andy Well, personally speaking I'd rather stick with text than icons. Icons are easy to miss and I don't see text causing any problems or wasting space. But if it has to be icons and there's no way around it, something like this arrow down icon would probably be a better / easier to understand choice.
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Thanks @oliverzet for the feedback. Much apprenticed! We might end up adding the text as mouse-over hint, if that's easy to implement.
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@Andy H3 You're welcome. If you really plan to get rid of the "Show more" text, you might want to consider to place the icon in the same spot, where the text used to be. Because if you read from left to right, it's easier to read: "11 comments - expand icon" instead of "expand icon - 11 comments"

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