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Posting RSS/Atom feed into own feed

!Friendica Support

When I used #friendica for the last time I had a script, that posted my RSS feed into my profile's feed.

Now I added my atom feed to my network and can even repost the entries.

But is there a suggested way to have the entries posted into my personal feed?

@softmetz I am also very interested by response and info to this use of #Friendica with #rss, #Atom, #feed
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As admin "allow mirroring" in the site configuration in the admin panel.

Then as user go to the contacts view for the feed contact. Open the advanced tab of the view. Go to the very end of the page and select the kind of mirroring you want to have for the feed.

You mean "Allow Users to set remote_self"? I wasn't able to find any other reference to "allow mirroring".

Yes, exactly 😀 I did not look up the original text... just realized that the German translation of the help text (and potentially the original text as well) needs some modification.

Indeed. I had to switch from German to English to find it. ;)

The admin needs to enable it, and then there is an option under the "advance" tab in the settings per conection to repost entries.

Thanks a lot. I was able to achieve what I wanted. Now I have to write a blog post to test it, probably about #friendica. 😀