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The conflation of Judaism and Zionism as a tool for oppression
The Ilhan Omar Gambit: Anti-Semitism as a Reactionary Political Tool

All Zionists, including those who claim to be of the “liberal” version e.g. Ungar-Sargon are threatened by the intersectional solidarity Rep. Ilhan Omar represents.

bullshit, you can defend omar against racist slurs AND critizes her antisemitism

As I hear it...she was taken "out of context"...DEM's need to get off this issue, pronto!

This is a complete "setup."

This is not about Omar, per se, but more about the practice of vilifying those who criticise the policies of the state of Israel. As for Omar, her words are well within the realm of reason.

oh, of course, again, itz not about antisemitism, just about the jew..... sry, the zionists who rule the world/media/wallstreet o0
we all know, that jews have a special connection to "the benjamins", that "they buy their political influence" and "serve another power", itz just a conincedent, that omar allways use these traditional antisemitic tropes "to critizes israel" 0o

@tomgrz you really should teach yourself about antisemitism and racism. this banalization of antisemitism is disgusting, there is a reason, that david duke is pleased by miss omar

and itz very simple, you can critizes the policies of the state israel, in a right way, in a wrong way and in an antisemitic way!
this selfvictimisation of antisemities is pathetic

I think it is an instance of racism to even think that Jewish people are more vulnerable to charges of influence buying. I don't see Omar's statements as directed against people of Jewish heritage in particular, but rather about the influence of money in US politics. And this influence is more than evident.

BTW, I consider myself a Judeo-Christian, well aware that Jesus Christ was Jewish, and his teachings were built upon the ethos he inherited. Furthermore, one of those DNA tests has shown me (to my surprise) that I have a significant Ashkenazi Jewish component in my DNA. I am not ashamed of that.

Oh, and your blood makes you qualified? Why am i not surprized that you dont see the antisemitic canards, No matter how often anderen clearly they are articulated Oo
  • the rich jew, with a Lot of Benjamins
  • the jew, who buys politisch Power or controls politics/Media/Wallstreet
  • the rootless jew, who is (by blood) loyal to the world jewry
But no antisemitism, nowhere!
itz all a Zionist conspiracy! 0o

When Donald Trump ist raging about the drugtrafficing, girlsraping, childmurdering Bad hombres, thats Not racism, He is critizing the narco-mafia 😵

I'm not "qualified", I am simply part Jewish. That is all.

And as for equating Jewishness with money-influence, that is racism - but Omar did not suggest that - you did.

Yes, because you dont know the antisemitic canards, i am the antisemite and her "itz all about the Benjamins" never happend o0

and if trump speaks about the bad hombres, there is no racism, that you connect "bad hombres" with mexicans makes you the racist 0o

Of course it is all about the Money! Does anyone here have any understanding of the inordinate and anti-democratic influence of political PACs? It is all about the Benjamins.

And, as I once stated before, Benjamin Franklin was not Jewish - and he remains not Jewish.

wow, great argument, an obviously antisemitic canard, but itz not antisemitic, because you dont regocnize it as antisemitic and b franklin was not jewish, a very impressive argumentation. according to that, trump cant be racist, sexist or antisemitic, because these things dont exist 0o
thats like talking 2 a kindergarten-child, the moon is made of cheese, because i say so.

and of course, the connections between the usa and israel, itz all about the money, these rich jews (hey, we can call them zionists, thats changes EVERYTHING), with dual loyality, just buy the us-support, the eternal rootless je .....sry zionist

that kind of stupid ignorance is making me sick

david dukes likes these stupid kind of wannabe "leftist"

I care not about David Duke. Israel can take care of itself, that is for sure. Omar, other the other hand is under serious attack. She is not being "racist", she is being political, making political points.

she is under attack as a woman and as non-white, thats where she needs to be defended, and she is spreading antisemitic bullshit, that she needs to be critized, and yes, israel can defends itself and itz needed, because of antisemites like omar, duke and you

Again, I think it is very much a mistake to conflate antisemitism with political opposition. But you can think as you like.

lol, i dont "conflate antisemitism with political opposition", i critize obvious antisemitism, articulated in very well known antisemitic canards, which you deny, which even have their own wikipedia-article

I must not be a dog - don't hear it, sorry.

no you are ignorant, because people SHOW it to you and you still deny, these antisemitic canards have their own wikipedia-article, a dog cant read, you can (or not?)

No, I really think you are over-reading what Omar said, in support of your own thinking preference.

no, you dont "think", you deny, because it doesnt serve your purpose, antisemitism is not that bad, because all these jews have a dual loyality, what you allready claimed and which is, what a coincedent, another classical antisemitic canard, which miss omar had used

you are banalizing antisemitism, in the best case

No, I insist, I am not an Anti-Semite, and I do indeed think. Seems self-evident.

@tomgrz You are way more patient than me mate.

^Only sometimes. 😉

you are banalizing antisemitism, in the best case

I insist, I am not an Anti-Semite
and trump is the least racist person in the world 0o

@murdeRED dreams GrandWizardOfZOG, are you a Zionist?

In my culture Zionism is a form of fascism.

Which is to say...that you are...the profile picture shows that

@baggab i do not try to hide my hominid nature.

@tomgrz, @murdeRED dreams GrandWizardOfZOG is a propagandist of Jewish fascism and a supporter of censorship (for him it is fun, judging from our previous conversations), bear this in mind, i think it is useless to try to prove something to a supporter of fascist ideas.

I am not an Anti-Semite, but I am largely anti-AIPAC. Some people want to see this as the same thing. But AIPAC has far, far too much influence in the US for a foreign-nationally interested organization.

If a person calls himself a Zionist and a supporter of the state of Israel, then he is anti-Semitic. Palestinians are Semites. For Zionists: Islamic Palestinians this is the main enemy worthy of genocide:

Demolitions of Israeli and Palestinian Homes
1967 - Present
0 Israeli homes have been demolished by Palestinians and at least 48,488 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel since 1967. (View Sources & More Information)
Chart showing that more than 48,488 Palestinian homes have been demolished, compared to no Israeli homes.
Current Illegal Settlements on the Other’s Land
Israel currently has 261 Jewish-only settlements and ‘outposts’ built on confiscated Palestinian land. Palestinians do not have any settlements on Israeli land. (View Sources & More Information)
Zionists specifically call everyone else an anti-Semite, to hide their own antisemitism. This is an old trick.

You See, Ivan hears that dogwhistle too, Like David Duke.
And of course you can critizes the aipac in a Not antisemitic way, Just dont use antisemitic canards, maybe Wikipedia could Help, If you wouldnt refuse to teach yourself about antisemitism.
Currently you so the Same Like Trump, denying His racism

I'm mostly concerned about this as a political problem, from the perspective of an American who sees too much foreign influence upon "our" government.

But yes, morally I am very concerned also that the Palestinians are subject to horrible living conditions, along with aggression and reprisals of a grossly unbalanced nature from the state of Israel. There is obviously something very wrong here.

thats not the topic, the topic are the racist attacks against omar and the antisemitic attacks from omar, the world is a bit more complicate thaen a simple black&white, itz mainly grey, which means, you can defend omar against racism and critizes her for her antisemitism

@murdeRED dreams GrandWizardOfZOG me critizes you for your antisemitism.

@ivan zlax I was referring to the one above you...sorry about that...

I can see that I'm "out of my depth"...the settlements are wrong...Israel is squaring the circle

With Trump in charge, we're headed for another "disaster in the desert" a la Bush. Israel started with some marginal land that was sparsely populated., then is was attacked mercilessly, but it won territory. It's been "tit for tat" ever since. The amount of money spent, fighting over that land, is unjustifiable. You could have built Atlantis for half the price.

this is not about israel, it is about the denial of omars antisemitism, the only ones, who conflate antisemitism and the critizism of israel/zionism are the antisemites, when using antisemitic canards instead of critizism

I did't hear the whole speech...I felt she walked into a wall on that one...Muslims are just like everyone else, individual at heart

The amount of money spent, fighting over that land, is unjustifiable. You could have built Atlantis for half the price.
This is not a question of money, it is a question of religion. Abramistic religions, designed to promote the idea of a official unified world government.
This is a German project (a project of the German aristocracy), the Jews are only involuntary executors here, those to whom the German aristocracy want to transfer all the responsibility for their attempt to form a new world government. This project is over 100 years old:
Bild/Fotoivan zlax wrote the following post Mon, 03 Dec 2018 16:15:19 +0300

Balfour Declaration
Five days before the Soviet revolution:... show more

This is about the denial of @murdeRED dreams GrandWizardOfZOG antisemitism. He denies his anti-Semitism, but at the same time refers to the workers of Wal Street, also he engaged in censorship, the removal of comments and the demonization of Islam. Especially of Semitic Islam.

I think this thing has played itself out. The term anti-Semite is not quite what it used to be. - But it is a valid point that Palestinians are Semites also. Only the religion and some of the culture are different.

@tomgrz, i am a convinced pro-semit. I have a lot in common with the Semites of Ethiopia (they are Orthodox). I treat Muslim Semites with great respect. I also treat the Judaic Semites with great respect. They told me about the danger of the fascist ideology of Zionism:

wow, religiose fundamentalists, such a good argument and trump cant be a racist, because his friend herman cain says so 0o

and yes, if you are into racial-science, then the "jewish race" is very close to the "arab race", but that kind of thinking makes you an racist and antisemite, the term "semitic" comes from the language-science, itz not about race/ethnos, itz about language and antisemitism allways targets "the jews", it was invented by the antisemitic league founded by wilhelm marr against THE JEWS, not against arab or other people

but thats facts vs "feeling", you feel like "i am no antisemite", but the facts say something different

This religiose fundamentalists respected by me, because they are responsible. If i ask them any question (even those that are uncomfortable for them) - they answer me for it. They are not trying to hide behind account lockouts or ignoring.

@murdeRED dreams GrandWizardOfZOG, you are not responsible, also you delete uncomfortable comments for you (censorship). You easily do not answer the questions asked to you. You do not have enough confidence in this issue for being responsible.

And I don't see Bernie Sanders as a religious fundamentalist.

Or Jill Stein.

bernie sanders has nothing to do with neturei karta

and i think, bernie sanders is not realy wrong about his judgment about the israeli government, a good example for a left-wing zionist, who critizes the politics of israel without antisemitism/antisemitic tropes, very differently to omar

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