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...very helpful @Dr. Cassone ...I love dandelion seed heads, too ...(:

Well Said Doc! And very useful.

Keep in mind that you cannot change your username once you choose it.
i can change my usere name so often i want to 😉

@(: aNNa 😀 blume I may have my terms confused. I am referring to title as the name we see and the username as the

@I am not Alice glad you like it. I really dig the logo and name of this network. The dandelion mascot is perfect.

@Nikakasha happy you find it useful 😀

@the Gring thanks for sharing it 😀

It is also very important that there are a lot of nice and helpful people and a lot of support. If you have any questions, there will be always someone available to help you, - when you tag your posting with

#support, #question, #help, #diaspora, #newhere... #Hilfe, #frage, #neuhier,

great.doc ! bravo... you got the point ; )

Great summary, thanks for writing it up.
When you add someone (or they add you) the profiles automatically add the other person back
There's a setting for that, you don't have to automatically share back. That's important, as you might not want to share with specific people or let them see your limited (nonpublic) posts.

@Noam Bergman good clarification point. Thanks 😀

You can also set autoadd to a different circle, which is not in your default Aspects (that you share with). That way, they'll be autoadded but you can optionally move them to one of your "checked out" Aspects at your leisure.

@Isaac Kuo I like that strategy.

+1 to that. I created an #aspect "diaspora" and autoadd is going into that aspect.
For members of my #pod I have the aspect "own pod" If I need to tell everybody on my pod something, I use that aspect... works quite well.

Good idea with the pod aspect.

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