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You are of course welcome over at sister sites like friendica too!

Hello and a big welcome

to everyone new to diaspora*

With Google+ closing today, you might have just signed up to diaspora* looking for a new home. We're so pleased that you've decided to give diaspora* a try. It's fantastic that you've joined us! We have a
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I wonder if people know that if they join Friendica, they can add their Diaspora* friends there and see all their posts, comment on them (as @Joltrast has done here), and enjoy other benefits like Groups, Saved Folders, Events calendar, personal notes, etc. Diaspora* is simple and easy to use, Friendica gives you more features, and as for Hubzilla, well that's something else...

Yeah. I still haven't fallen in love with Hubzilla.

Me neither! I find Frendica more similiar to G+ than diaspora*

I have different accounts all. at start.hubzilla and At I can se all posts and can interact with them. But at start.hubzilla no.. I guess I choose the wrong hubzilla pod to sign in.

The only time I really pop on Hz is if it's obvious there's someone's comments in a thread that I can't read. (Doesn't happen often).

@Joltrast Frankly, I think it looks plug-ugly compared to Friendica. It needs more themes. And I know that D* and Friendica are similar, just basic colour and font changes, but I wish the post format was also configurable. For example, I post a link on D* with OpenGraph headers on Pluspora and I see the title, photo, blurb, etc. I post it on Friendica and I get a nice, attractive layout, with the media well presented. I post it on H, and all I get is a big block of text. If they didn't have thick lines between the posts, I'd find it difficult to spot where one starts and ends. 😉

@Oya SANLI Hubzilla Start was set up for people to join the network and learn how to use it, and then move on to a permanent hub. is a great place to be, for Friendica. But I haven't found a permanent home on Hubzilla. I'm on but have hardly used it. Partly because of a lack of time, but also because it does far more than I need (e.g. websites, wiki pages, chatrooms).

I am thinking of trying around with Friendica, but currently I managed to get around with diaspora

Ok @Garry Knight I'm planing to move another Hubzilla pod/node already. Because Start.hubzilla is not much crowded..

If you find a good one with plenty of people please let me know. But it doesn't matter, really, since you can follow anyone on the Federation (or should that be Fediverse?) from any of the networks. It wouldn't matter much if I was on Friendica and everyone else I knew was on Diaspora*.

Sure, I will let you know @Garry Knight

If there's one thing I'd really like the Friendica devs to come up with is some way of importing all of my D* contacts in one go.

@Garry Knight Have you submitted a feature request?

Not yet as I've been snowed under since the G+ closure announcement, but it's a good idea, thanks. I also need to check what D* exports.

Since they have 2019.06 in dev now, this is a good time. I know I have to submit my feature request also for recurring events on the calendar which D* does not have at all.

Just FYI, I don't need to issue a request since it is already on the roadmap. Check here for the list to see if there is something related to what you want:

Thanks! I'm out and about, but I'll check that out when I'm back at my PC. And, yes, recurring events is a must-have for any calendar. Of course, it will need to implement reminders as well, but I haven't properly checked out Friendica's calendar yet; it might already have them.

Does Friendica have an interface for bulk-adding a list of people?
I miss my circle-shares, dammit!

@Garry Knight I haven't tried it, but it looks like Hubzilla can import accounts from Diaspora export files.

Thanks @Garry Knight, does it also work with a custom list someone else has made? Like a csv of account tags, or somesuch?

p2p circleshares were a big part of what made G+ so great. Trusted curators would compile lists of people they had followed, and others could import those.

@Blinky Friendica is also written in PHP, so it's possible that this could be ported without too much work.

@Andreas Geisler I'm not sure what you mean. Was your question perhaps addressed to @Blinky?

It should be simple to port. These projects are all derived from one source code tree written by one person. Friendica is a branch from 2011 and Hubzilla is a branch from around 2015.

All the interesting stuff seems to be happening in the Zap branch. It appears to be the trunk of this entire family of projects. There are some recent commits related to recurring events and they recently introduced a very nice implementation of Collections. Moderated groups arrived a few days before that.

Nice. There are a few things I'd like to see back-ported to Friendica, though it does most of what I want. Also, by judicious selection of hashtags in my Saved Searches, I'm seeing a great many of my D* contacts' posts on Friendica. But I have almost 600 contacts on D*. Adding them all piecemeal would take quite some time.

I wonder how other people have handled a move from Diaspora* to Friendica. Hmm... a thought. I wonder if it's possible to import a D* profile to Hubzilla, then export from there and into Friendica...

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