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Possibly jurisdictional content from
!Friendica Admins I just saw this tweet:

There is a new Friendica server called This seems to be run by a right wing group. According to what can be already seen in the posts of users from this server, the danger is high that their users will distribute content that is prohibited in several countries, for example symbols of organizations of the 3rd Reich. And one can imagine that more will come, since this seems to be a reaction to the decision by Gab to ban a person because of the content that the person had written:

I, personally, have already blocked that system on my both servers and

Yes is in the blocklist on

I'm not totally sure about every detail of the server wide block. I have to check. But I would expect a complete block.

You could delete those posts completly on your server in admin panel. Then no comments should appear any more.
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Maybe he could only comment because the origin of the post is older than the server block?

SHUT IT DOWN! Illegal speech is dangerous!

Had to lock the contact also extra, hope he can not comment anymore.

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