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Does anyone have experience with AutoIt and could program for me a small .exe?
I have only Linux computers in the house and I do not feel like installing Windows again.
#autoit #windows #exe
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Thank you, I would like to get your help.
It should be a very simple story. The main requirement is that a key press on the down arrow key is simulated every 220 seconds.
In addition, the process should not be visible in the system tray and the loop should be able to be started with a keyboard shortcut and paused with another keyboard shortcut.
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Cool thanks.
Could you use different key combinations for the start and stop, for example "Ctrl + R" for start and "Ctrl + P" for stop? With a button for both there is the danger that you do not know in between whether it is running or not.

So the script should be paused automatically at 5, 13, 15, 17, 21 o'clock.
And for starting it would be better to use a more complex key combination, "Ctrl + Alt + R" to minimize the risk of accidental startup.
For the manual stop of the script I would now prefer the "Enter" key.

I found that if I put only one letter at "hotkeyset", this letter is then locked on the keyboard when the script is running.

Yes, meanwhile, I also found out that a mouse click does not work, the function is then blocked.
I have now taken this shortcut, Ctrl-Alt-o for the start and Ctrl-Space for the stop.
dim $doloop = False

HotkeySet("^!ß", startloop)
HotKeySet("^ ", stoploop)


Func loop()
		 Sleep(220*1000) ; 220 seconds in Milliseconds

Func startloop()
   $doloop = true

Func stoploop()
   $doloop = false

Func getDoLoop()
   return $doloop

1: How would it look if the five stop times would be included in the script?
2: If that does not work would it be possible to stop the script every hour?
3: Would it be possible to completely end the script with a key combination?

I tested the script today and ran it just before 1pm, it did not stop at 1pm.
Is it maybe that it stops after 13 hours and not at 13 o'clock @Jeroen De Meerleer ?

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