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Updated Friendica on to lastest Develope

VersionFriendica 'The Tazmans Flax-lily' 2018.12-dev - 1295
upload_max_filesize 64M
post_max_size 72M
memory_limit 512M
MySQL / MariaDB
max_allowed_packet 16777216
#friendica #develope #update
Why are your logs displayed on ../friendica rather than the node summary?

I found the reason. My logfile was also called Friendica

Btw, are you using fail2ban for your friendica node by any chance? I'm now experiencing problems with the latest develop. See here:

Hurrah, I just read Richard's node in Dutch.

I hope it can help finding translators. They can see their results without a real hassle.

Next contribution in line could be fetching transifex translation directly without waiting for release.

could you also work on APIs, that would be great 😃

If I know something that could be useful to add, why not.

- API: support video upload (, and return attachment url, status object contain video attachment.
- API: follow / unfollow user (, through email or profile url.
- API: statuses/*_timeline (ex. networkpublic_timeline), status id unable to add favorites (

Ps. You could do before as well, but I don't think anybody would do the effort. The default language is set using the accept-lang header. So removing all and only adding ((insert language)) will do the same. I just added overrides if parameter lang is given.

At the moment I can not find any problems but I turned off the loggin.