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I tried several times to use Dica but in each version I have the problem that I should write blind, because as soon the keyboard pops up (AnySoftKeyboard) I can't see what I am writing. See screenshot. Is this a problem with the keyboard?

phone: Oneplus 3t
OS: LineageOS 13
Android: 7.1.2


oh my god, you should let me know asap , i'm so sorry this custom OS display like this;

please help me open a issue on github, i would try to find if there any LineageOS-SDK can download for testing and fix this problem.

recently busy for my new job, even when i got home; when try to fix it on next week during Chinese New Year Vocation.

thanks man 😀

No need to hurry. I normaly don't use apps for social networking. I was just curious 😀 But I'm happy to can help.

If you like I can open the issue, but you have to tell me where it is

The LineageOs is this

I know I should update soon to 15.1 ;)
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Here the it shows it the way it should. Running on Nokia 6.1 with Android 9 (Android One)

thanks, it should look like this 😀

Maybe I do the update first, before you investigate....
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update OS? update DiCa?

Update my OS to version 15 LineageOS

wait for your good news, haha, gogogo, do it

Update my OS to version 15 LineageOS

I'd like to hear about this too... Please let us know how this goes. I've been postponing OS updates ---outside the nice and orderly world of Linux--- for a very long time.

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